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Exclusive: I also call directors from the front to get work in the film- Janhvi Kapoor

Pankaj Prasad
Janhvi Kapoor
Janhvi Kapoor

The trailer of Jhanvi Kapoor's film Goodluck Jerry has been released recently. In the film, she is seen in the role of a Bihari girl.

Actress Jhanvi Kapoor's film Goodluck Jerry is soon going to knock on the OTT platform Disney Plus Hotstar. Once again she is in the title role. She calls it special, but also tells that she tells every film of hers that I will work very hard. I will work hard. Excerpts from a conversation with Urmila Kori

What challenges did Goodluck Jerry overcome you as an actor?

In this film, I am playing the character of a Bihari girl, which was a big challenge in itself. I have never been to Bihar. There is no direct contact with any Bihari, so a lot of work has been done on language and diction. It took a long time to understand that world well. Ganesh was my dialect coach, who is from Bihar, so he helped a lot.

What is the story of the film and Jerry's world?

It is a remake of a Tamil film. There is a dialogue of Jerry that we are not as much as we seem. Looks like Jerry. Well not at all. Even in the cartoons of Tom and Jerry, Jerry seems very innocent to you, but he is very smart. He always keeps dodging Tom. Jerry's world is like that too. There are many Toms in his life. One day she decides that she would wait for the good luck for a long time. Now take your life in your own hands. What happens after that, that's the story.

How much do you believe in luck in real life?

Hard work is important. It's important to have a positive outlook, but I didn't put any effort into the family I was born in, the opportunity I was born with. You can consider that thing as luck. If I had not worked hard with that luck, I would not have been able to do anything, then both are necessary.

Do you also follow any special thing for luck?

(laughs) Yes, I go to Tirupati with the script of each of my films. Mama (Sri Devi) used to visit Tirupati on her every birthday. when she worked. It was closed after marriage. I don't know, a voice came from inside and four years ago I felt that now I will go to Tirupati on his every birthday. That experience was so special for me that I started going on my birthday too. After that, going in the new year too, got included in this list.

Akshay Kumar says that 80 percent luck and 20 percent hard work is required in the industry, what do you think?

He would know more that he is very senior, he has spent a lot of time in this industry, but according to me it is 40 percent luck and 60 percent hard work.

Four years have passed in the industry, how much have you started understanding the industry?

(laughs) At first I knew the clock. I still know only 20 percent. I don't know much about the modalities of the industry. How do people think how they work. My interest ends on the set itself. What's happening in front of the camera. I know the only way to reach the camera. who are my friends. They are my friends. The world I am She is mine. This is the world I like outside of my work.

Have decided now that I will do more films?

Yes, I will try.

Friendship between two actresses is very difficult, but you and Sara's friendship remains in the headlines?

We don't take ourselves so seriously. We take our work very seriously. We know that we are very different from each other. I am happy in his success and he is happy in my success, that is because we are very secure people. We respect each other a lot. For me Sara is my friend first, actor later. I never thought that I would be able to think this way about him. Maybe that is the reason why I cannot associate words like competition and comparison with him.

Aren't you competitive?

Yes, I want to be the best. If a film with a big banner, director and great story comes, then I would like to be a part of it, but if for some reason I did not get that film. Ananya Pandey and Sara got instead of me, even then I would be happy that my friend got it.

Your younger sister Khushi is also coming in films, did you give her any tips?

Khushi gives me tips. He doesn't need tips. You have seen in the teaser how expert she is. Khushi has Zoya Akhtar. He is one of the best directors of India. I did Ghost Stories with Zoya. There was a lot of desire to do a feature film, but that has not happened yet.

Do you even approach directors for work?

Yes, if I want something, I want meaning. It is important to try. We have come here only to work. Got so much easily, if the phone can not even call, then I should shift to Tirupati.

Have a wishlist of actors you want to work with?

Ranbir, Ranveer and Nawaz sir are on my wishlist. I wanted to do a film with Rishi uncle too, but that wish remained unfulfilled.

How much has the bonding with Papa grown in these four years?

My father has become more of my friend now. Since I started working, he has started looking at me as a daughter as well as an actor. At home, I can come and discuss with them what is happening. what should be done. After watching a film, we talk about it like creative professionals. We have become a lot of support to each other. There are many such things about which only I can understand and no one knows me more than them. The most important relationship of my life is with my father.

your upcoming movies?

The shooting of Bawal and Mr and Mrs Mahi is going on.