Jharkhand: More than 76 thousand Kanwariyas performed Jalabhishek on Bholenath in Deoghar

Pankaj Prasad
Jalabhishek on Bholenath in Deoghar
Jalabhishek on Bholenath in Deoghar

Even on the third day of the month of Shravan, Babanagari was full of gerudadhari kanwariyas.

Even on the third day of the month of Shravan, Babanagari was full of garudadari kanwariyas. Shravani Mela could not be organized for two years during the Corona period. This year, the enthusiasm of Shravani Mela is being seen in the devotees coming along with the people of Devghar to offer prayers. On the third day, more than 70 thousand Kanwariyas prayed for their wishes by performing Jalabhishek on Baba Baidyanath. With the opening of the doors, after the traditional worship, the offering of water for the Kanwariyas was started from 4 in the morning. The queue of Kanwariyas had reached the B.Ed college early in the morning. On Saturday, a total of 58458 from the general queue, 14468 through the outer Argha and a total of 1240 kanwariyas through the early Darshanam coupons performed Jalapan. In this way, on Saturday, a total of more than 76 thousand Kanwariyas offered water to Baba.

Enthusiasm in Kanwariyas due to three external arghas

By arranging three external arghas just next to the exit gate of the Baba temple, the Kanwariyas are getting convenience in performing Jalabhishek. Kanwariyas are also feeling very excited by this. Before there was no additional external argha, due to the crowd, many kanwariyas were deprived of offering water even after coming from Sultanganj. But due to this arrangement the water goes directly on Baba. Till the closing of the gate, 16218 kanwariyas offered water.

After three o'clock in the afternoon, the crowd started increasing in Kanwaria path

There is likely to be a huge crowd of Kanwariyas who will offer water in the temple on Sunday. A batch of Kanwariyas has been seen coming from Kanwaria Path to Baba Nagari from 3 pm on Saturday. By late night, more than one lakh kanwariyas will reach for the offering. The district administration has completed the arrangement of queues till Kumaitha Stadium to make accessible water offerings to the visiting Kanwariyas.

42 liquor shops of Deoghar and Dumka region will remain closed till August 11

In view of the world famous Shravani Mela 2022, 42 liquor shops in Deoghar Corporation area including Ghormara and Chopa Mod and Mela area of ​​Dumka district will remain closed till August 11. The Commissioner of Excise Department has issued a letter related to this to the DCs of Deoghar and Dumka districts. This order has been made effective from 16 July. This information was given by the In-charge Product Under Inspector, Deoghar Devilal Soren. He said that under the order, 38 liquor shops in Deoghar district and four in Dumka district would be affected.