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Nupur Sharma again approached the Supreme Court, seeking relief from arrest in the Prophet's remarks case

Pankaj Prasad
Nupur Sharma
Nupur Sharma

While being the spokesperson of BJP, Nupur Sharma made a controversial statement on Prophet Mohammad last month.

Former BJP spokesperson Nupur Sharma, who came into controversy after making objectionable remarks on Prophet Mohammad, has once again approached the Supreme Court for relief. Nupur has demanded that the court stay the arrest in the cases registered against her. Nupur has appealed to the court that the court should issue directions for simultaneous hearing on the cases registered against them across the country. 

It is worth noting that Nupur Sharma had given a controversial statement on Prophet Mohammad in the month of May while being the spokesperson of BJP. After this, there was a ruckus in the whole country. Violence broke out after Friday prayers in Kanpur against Nupur's statement on June 3. On June 10, violence and nuisance took place after Friday prayers against Nupur's statement in many cities of the country including Prayagraj, Ranchi, Saharanpur, Hathras. Apart from this, two people who posted in support of Nupur Sharma were brutally murdered in Amravati in Maharashtra on June 21 and Udaipur in Rajasthan on June 29. 

Where are the cases registered against Nupur? 

According to media reports, more than a dozen FIRs are registered against Nupur Sharma. West Bengal has the maximum number of cases against him. He has been accused of hurting religious sentiments. Apart from this, a case of rioting has also been registered. Apart from this, two cases are registered in Mumbai, one each in Delhi, Hyderabad and Srinagar. A case has been registered against Nupur for hurting religious sentiments everywhere.

The Supreme Court did not give relief on the previous petition

Nupur Sharma had also filed a petition in the Supreme Court last month. In this, he had demanded that the cases registered against him across the country should be heard in Delhi. Nupur had also told that her life was in danger. However, the court refused to grant any relief to Nupur. The Supreme Court also said that there was too much delay in apologizing and withdrawing the statement by Nupur Sharma. The court had said that the way Nupur has instigated the sentiments in the entire country, she alone is responsible for what is happening in the country. After the court's rebuke, Nupur's lawyer withdrew the petition.

What was the event?

Recently, there was a discussion across the country regarding the Gyanvapi Masjid case of Varanasi. Regarding this, Nupur reached a national television news channel's debate on May 27 as a spokesperson of the BJP. During the debate, he made controversial remarks referring to Islamic beliefs. When the controversy escalated, the BJP issued a statement and clarified without naming Nupur and then suspended Nupur from the primary membership of the party.