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Eknath Shinde got the Marathi family burnt by gas cylinder in Patna airlift, treatment going on in Pune

Pankaj Prasad
Marathi family burnt by gas cylinder
Marathi family burnt by gas cylinder

The three scorched members of the Marathi family have reached Pune by air ambulance from Patna.

Recently, Maharashtra Chief Minister Eknath Shinde has airlifted four members of a Marathi family who were scorched in a gas cylinder blast in Bakarganj area of ​​Patna at his own expense. All the three scorched members of the Marathi family have reached Pune from Patna by air ambulance. Eknath Shinde himself kept awake late night monitoring till he reached Pune from Patna.

The incident happened on the night of 14th

In relation to the incident, it is said that on the last 14th, four members of a Marathi family were badly burnt in a cylinder blast in Bakarganj area of ​​Patna. There was no proper arrangement for treatment in Patna. The lives of the injured were in danger. That's when Maharashtra CM Eknath Shinde got the information. Shinde immediately got this family airlifted at his own expense for proper treatment. The victim's family is saying that Eknath Shinde is not a human but a god. If they were not there, people would have died in agony without treatment.

The family has lived in Patna since 1978 

It is said that Amol Jadhav has been living with his family since 1978 in Nageshwar Colony of Bakarganj, Patna. He has his own three-storey house in Patna. Amol Jadhav also has his own business. The whole family slept on the night of July 14. Amol Jadhav's wife Rohini woke up at two o'clock in the night and her eyes fell on the light burning in the kitchen. As soon as he switched off the lights of the kitchen, there was an explosion. The cylinder kept in the kitchen exploded. The raging of the fire spread throughout the house and Amol and his wife Rohini as well as daughter Lipika and son Sangram suffered severe burns. The explosion was so strong that the whole neighborhood was shaken.

There is no arrangement for treatment in Patna

The scorched people were immediately rushed to Patna Medical College Hospital. There was no system for the treatment of burn cases. After this everyone was taken to a private hospital. But, even in that hospital it was said that there is no ventilator here. People kept wandering about the injured in the hospitals of Patna, but there was no arrangement for treatment.

Dr Kiran talked to Paras, got admitted

Meanwhile, Amol Jadhav's brother Kiran Jadhav was informed. Kiran Jadhav, a doctor by profession in Pune, talked to Paras Hospital in Patna and got everyone admitted there, but even in Paras Hospital, there was no separate arrangement for burn cases. Kiran, who reached Patna from Pune, booked an air ambulance at his own expense and took her sister-in-law Rohini to Surya Hospital in Pune. Kiran wanted to take two more patients from the same air ambulance, but the arrangement was to take only one patient.

Not allowed to take two patients on a ship

The air authority said that they should arrange three air ambulances to take three patients. Frustrated Kiran Jadhav was sitting in Patna pleading for help from the people that on the night of July 16, at 11.30 pm, he got a call on his mobile from the Chief Minister's residence in Mumbai. Directly on the line was Maharashtra CM Eknath Shinde.

Kiran's relative is an employee of CM residence

Shinde said that an employee working in his Chief Minister's residence, who is a relative of Dr. Kiran Jadhav, has informed about the incident. As soon as Shinde got this information, he became active. On the night of July 16, Eknath Shinde himself spoke to Kiran Jadhav. Within 12 hours, on the morning of July 17, an air ambulance sent by Eknath Shinde reached Patna. Dr. Kiran told the media that CM Eknath Shinde sent an air ambulance to Patna twice at his own expense.

Hospital built in Pune instead of Patna itself

Dr. Kiran Jadhav told that he has never met Eknath Shinde nor has any acquaintance with him. Dr Kiran said that now he is hopeful that his family will be saved. Kiran said that it is sad that there is no burn hospital in Bihar. Amol's brother Kiran Jadhav studied in Patna itself, but after that he went out to study medicine. After becoming a doctor, he opened his own hospital in Pune, Maharashtra, Badle, Bihar.