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ACB probe ordered against IAS Arvind Kumar and others working during the tenure of Raghuvar Das

Pankaj Prasad
CM Hemant Soren
CM Hemant Soren

Arvind Kumar is a retired IAS officer of Bihar cadre.

The Hemant government of Jharkhand has ordered an ACB probe against Arvind Kumar, the then chairman of the Electricity Regulatory Commission working during the tenure of Raghuvar Das, and two other people. He is accused that while in office, he had erred in the government amount of 25 thousand crores. Among those for whom the ACB probe orders have been received are member techie RN Singh and Bihar Foundry and Casting proprietor Gaurav Budhia.

Arvind Kumar is a retired IAS officer of Bihar cadre. During the reign of former CM Raghuvar Das, he was appointed as the chairman of the State Electricity Regulatory Commission. After changing the government, his resignation was taken. There is an allegation of irregularities of 25 thousand crores against him, which he did with the help of then former member techie RN Singh and Bihar Foundry owner Gaurav Budhia.

It is alleged that all together reduced the electricity rate of DVC, while increased the rate of Jharkhand Bijli Vitran Nigam. For this, entrepreneur Gaurav Budhia recovered Rs 9 crore from industrial units and gave it. Due to this decision, big industrial consumers shifted to DVC and the state government had to bear the loss of more than 25 thousand crores.

Nine crore rupees given for DVC's electricity tariff not to increase

The new electricity tariff plan for the year 2019-20 was given by DVC in the Regulatory Commission. Most of the electricity in the DVC command area is consumed by the industrial area itself. It is alleged that Gaurav Budhia had recovered about nine crore rupees from industrial units and gave it to the then chairman Arvind Prasad for not increasing the electricity tariff of DVC.

Syndicate was playing its role in fixing electricity rate

It was told that the syndicate was active in the state from fixing the tariff to reducing it. Electricity Regulatory Commission is the regulatory body to decide the rate of electricity. Syndicate's best effort is to fix electricity rate at least in its own interest. Due to this, revenue is not available according to the demand and the power deficit keeps on increasing.