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Tanushree Dutta took out anger on 'Bollywood Mafia', said - listen with open ears, I will not commit suicide..

Pankaj Prasad
Tanushree Dutta
Tanushree Dutta

Bollywood actress Tanushree Dutta has shared a long note about people targeting her.

Bollywood actress Tanushree Dutta has shared a long note about people targeting her. He has also mentioned the troubles faced by him due to 'Bollywood mafia, political circuit and anti-national elements'.

I am being harassed

Tanushree Dutta wrote in an Instagram post, 'I am being harassed and targeted very badly. Please do something!! First it was that my Bollywood work was sabotaged over the past year, then a maid was hired to mix my drinking water with drugs and steroids, causing a variety of serious health problems, then when I could When I went to Ujjain, my car's brakes failed twice and I had an accident.

I will not going to commit suicide

She further wrote, 'I survived dying and returned to Mumbai after 40 days to resume normal life and work. Now outside my flat in my building there is strange disgusting stuff. Listen with open ears, I am not going to commit suicide for everyone!! Nor am I going anywhere. I am here to stay and take my career to greater heights than ever before!'

These people were held responsible

Tanushree Dutta wrote, 'Bollywood mafia, the old political circuit of Maharashtra (which still has influence here) and nefarious anti-national criminal elements generally work like this to harass people. I am pretty sure that the #metoo criminals and NGOs that I have exposed are behind all this because I will be targeted and harassed like this?? Shame on you all!'

girls can be harassed

She said, I know many people will try to dismiss me but I have been posting updates on Insta for a long time. This is severe mental, physical and psychological harassment. What is this place where young boys and girls can be harassed and killed for standing up against injustice?? I want President's rule and military rule to be established in Maharashtra and the central government should have complete control over the ground-level matters as well. Things are really getting out of hand here. Regular people like me suffer. Today I am, tomorrow you can be too.

There is no law and order in this city anymore

He further said, 'I think I have unfairly harassed some people by discussing certain topics on my Instagram recently. If someone like me who is not even connected with the stuff, he is being targeted like this. Despite all this, I will deepen my spiritual practice and strengthen my soul. I want to focus on new business / work opportunities and start afresh in life. No law and order in this city anymore! There was always a safe haven for artists and the single. O Krishna! Brother help me.'