A fake DSP caught in Patna, IPS was also written in the marriage resume, now in lockup

Pankaj Prasad
Fake DSP caught in Patna
Fake DSP caught in Patna

Near Gandhi Maidan, Patna, there was a drama between a police officer and a young man who claimed to be a DSP.

On Wednesday, the police of Gandhi Maidan police station in Patna arrested the fake DSP Vijay Kumar. He is a resident of Jarauli under Andhamath police station in Madhubani district. On his behest, the police raided his sister's house in Devi place of Shastrinagar and recovered fake police uniforms, batches, caps, seals, caps and other items. The police arrested the fake DSP by registering an FIR at the Gandhi Maidan police station. Gandhi Maidan Police Station confirmed the arrest.

gave bpsc exam

According to the information received, the fake DSP Vijay Kumar had given the BPSC exam. But it could not pass. Its dream was to become a DSP, so it got the fake uniform of DSP sewn a year ago and got the batch, cap, seal and ID card etc. made. The uniform was made by Kalam Taylor at BMP Road.

Police asked for ID cardΒ 

On Tuesday night at around 10.15 pm, this Gandhi Maidan was gathering rage on the tempo driver near Kargil Chowk. The fault of the tempo driver was such that he had asked for the fare. The tempo driver was asking for the fare and was refusing to give it by impersonating himself as the DSP. There was an argument between the two and when the dispute started increasing, the police stationed at Kargil Chowk also reached. Where it also informed the policemen about being DSP. But seeing his gesture, the police got suspicious and asked for an ID card. At first it refused to give the ID card, but later gave it. But that ID card did not have the signature of the DGP. Due to which the police caught him.

DSP made to extort huge amount married to female officer

Fake DSP Vijay Kumar MSc is passed out. Its father is Dr. Bindeshwar Mandal and all are working in good positions in the family. He used to stay at his sister's house for many years and prepare for competitive exams. He had taken a huge amount from his father in the name of studies. After this, it became a fake DSP to dodge the father and marry a female officer and extort a huge amount. Even becoming a fake DSP, he started going to his village and started creating awe among the people. The father had also misunderstood it as DSP.

IPS was also written in the marriage resume

The police have also got a resume from it. He had kept the said resume for marriage. In this resume, it has described itself as IPS and has given information about the posting being Patna. He had even uploaded his resume on Shaadi.com and many calls had come.