No permanent teachers will be left in government schools till 2030, 10 teachers are retiring daily

Pankaj Prasad
Bihar teacher
Bihar teacher

On an average 10 teachers of district cadre are retiring daily in the state.

On an average 10 teachers of district cadre are retiring daily in the state. In the last two years from March 31, 2020 to March 31, 2022, more than seven thousand teachers have retired. If the retirement rate of teachers remains the same, then by 2030, all teachers in all government schools will retire. In upper primary, secondary and higher secondary, the teachers of the district cadre will be free from service in the next four to five years.

Only 89 thousand permanent teachers left

According to the information, only 89 thousand permanent teachers are left in primary, upper primary, secondary and higher secondary classes. All of them will retire before the next 10 years. In such a situation, the entire responsibility of teaching in government schools will fall on the shoulders of the employed teachers. According to sources, all the posts of the district cadre have been declared dead. There will be no re-appointments on these posts in all the posts of this cadre.

Department preparing training programΒ 

After the leave of these teachers, classes will be in the hands of those teachers who have been directly appointed without giving TET exam or BPSC exam. However, the department is preparing various training programs to enhance their skills. It is to be known that in the year 2012, the process of appointment of teachers from TET started. After this, the recruitment process of teachers is still going on. However, not all of them belong to the district cadre. All these teachers belong to the employed category.

Only 11,151 posts of district cadre teachers left

The sanctioned posts of district cadre teachers in higher secondary classes are 35,443. Of these, only 11,151 posts are left. Out of 53,438 sanctioned posts in upper primary, only 1398 and out of 45,243 sanctioned in secondary, only 23,763 teachers are teaching. At present, the maximum number of teachers in the district cadre are from primary. At present 52,390 teachers are teaching out of 1,28,553 sanctioned posts. In this way, out of the total sanctioned 2.62 lakh posts of the district cadre, more than 1.73 lakh have been retired. The important fact in this direction is that in place of newly created head teacher, appointments of "head teacher" are being made in district cadre.

this is the situation

Class sanctioned post working

Higher Secondary 35,443 11,151

Upper Primary 53,438 1398

Secondary 45,243 23,763

Primary 1,28,553 52,390

Total 2.62 lakh 88,702

Permanent appointment was last done in 1999

According to the government report, permanent appointment of district cadre teachers was done in 1994 and 1999. Apart from this, during the same period, teachers of compassionate district cadre were appointed. At the time of retirement, the grade pay of these teachers of the district cadre had become like the initial grade pay of the magistrate officers.

Head teacher and head master will remain regular

Only about forty thousand head teachers and head masters to be appointed by the state government will remain as regular teachers. They are being appointed by the Bihar Public Service Commission for primary schools.