The young man sitting in the flight going from Patna to Delhi said - I have a bomb, flight canceled, chaos for 5 hours

Pankaj Prasad
Rumor of a bomb at Patna airport
Rumor of a bomb at Patna airport

A mentally disturbed youth blew the rumor of a bomb at Patna airport on Thursday.

A mentally disturbed youth blew the rumor of a bomb at Patna airport on Thursday. Due to this, there was chaos at the airport for about five hours. As soon as the information about the bomb was received, 134 passengers who had boarded the flight were brought down. At 10 pm, the bomb squad and ATS team closely searched the entire flight. After about three hours of investigation, the flight was canceled at around one o'clock in the night.

The young man did not want to go to Delhi

The matter came to light at 9 o'clock in the night, when a 24-year-old youth Rishi Chandra Singh Bedi started acting strangely in Indigo flight 6E2126 going from Patna to Delhi, about half an hour late than the scheduled time. Her father Gurpreet Singh forbade her to do so. Hearing his father, the sage shouted loudly that I have a bomb, will kill him. Hearing this, there was a stir among the passengers sitting in the plane. IndiGo's staff immediately informed CISF about this.

The team of doctors examined Rishi

After this, the CISF personnel took the young man down from the plane and started questioning. The father of the youth told that his son works in Godrej Company in Hajipur. He is mentally disturbed, due to which he does not want to go to Delhi. That's why he talked about having a bomb in the plane. Gurpreet Singh is a retired Colonel of the Army and lives in Delhi. He had come to Patna along with his wife to take the son to Delhi. Rishi was examined by a team of doctors at the airport. Doctors told that Rishi is a patient of hyper tension. She is not normal now. It will take at least three to four days for him to recover.

Aircraft search after landing passengers

Despite the young man appearing mentally disturbed, the CISF did not take lightly to express the possibility of a bomb and conducted a thorough search of the aircraft after unloading the passengers. The airport premises along with the security hold area, check-in area, parking bay and runway were searched. The help of dog squad was also taken in this. However, nothing suspicious was found anywhere in the search which lasted for almost three hours.