BCCI will use software to find out the age of players, age fraud will be curbed

Pankaj Prasad
Software to find out the age of players
Software to find out the age of players

BCCI will now use a software to find out the exact age of the players.

New Delhi: The Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI) will use software in conjunction with the existing 'TW3' method to detect age fraud on an experimental basis, with the aim of achieving instant results and cost savings of up to 80 percent. Is. Adopting a zero-tolerance policy toward age fraud, the BCCI currently uses the 'TW3' method (based on X-rays of the left hand and wrist) for age determination.

The cost will reduce, results will be available in less time

In the present method the cost of each test is Rs 2400 and it takes three to four days to get the results whereas the proposed use of 'BoneXpert software' will give instant results and the cost will be only Rs 288. Explaining the entire process, the BCCI note said, "To verify the age, the BCCI gets the players' wrist X-rays done in the presence of the observer and then the State Cricket Association sends the X-ray copy to the BCCI AVP (Age Verification Department) sends the pass.

BCCI has four radiologists

The note said that the BCCI AVP sends him to two independent radiologists from his panel. The radiologist assesses this and submits his report to the BCCI and this whole process takes a lot of time. The BCCI has four radiologists to supervise the players of 38 state associations. Accordingly, the board will work with the state associations on the experiment. Although the boards are satisfied with the test data running on a limited number of X-rays in their databank, we still want to test the software with a large number of X-rays (about 3800) in all associations to be fully satisfied with it. Huh.

Provision of two-year ban in age fraud

Cases of cheating have come to the fore in tournaments under BCCI, many times in age-group tournaments. In June 2019, Jammu and Kashmir fast bowler Rasikh Alam was banned for two years after being found guilty of submitting a false birth certificate. Earlier, Under-19 World Cup star Manjot Kalra, Kolkata Knight Riders and Delhi batsman Ankit Bavane are among the cricketers who have been found guilty of concealing their age. In August 2020, the BCCI had launched a voluntary scheme to provide the correct age for its registered players. There is a provision in BCCI to ban cricketers who cheat on age for two years.