Chapra Bomb Blast: House collapsed due to bomb blast in Chapra, the death of five people created chaos

Pankaj Prasad
Chapra Bomb Blast
Chapra Bomb Blast

The house collapsed due to the blast in Chhapra, Bihar on Sunday.

Sensation has spread in the area after a massive explosion in a house on Sunday in the Khodaibagh area of ​​Khaira police station area of ​​Saran district of Bihar. The house was destroyed by the explosion and the remaining part of the house caught fire. Due to the house being on the river bank, a large part of the house has collapsed. It is being told that many people are buried in the demolished house. Trying to get them out. So far, the news of the death of five people has come to the fore in this explosion, which may increase.

Sunday morning blast 

According to the information received, the blast started at 10 am and continued till one o'clock. It is being told that the work of making firecrackers was done in the house where the blast took place. After the explosion, the police of several police stations including Chhapra Sadar SDPO Muneshwar Prasad Singh, Balwara SDPO Inderjit Baitha, Inspector Manju Kumari Khaira Police Station President Vijay Kumar Chaudhary and the team of Fire Brigade are present on the spot.

death of three people 

Five bodies have been pulled out from the buried debris after the incident, but the bodies are yet to be identified. It is being told that the family of Reyaju Mian and his brother Shabbir Mian lived in the same house. However, neither the villagers nor the police were aware of his involvement in criminal activity. Since the incident, the police and the rescue team are currently trying to get out the trapped people by entering inside the house. But the intermittent blasts have stopped the steps of the policemen and the local people.