Agriculture department exploring possibilities of tea cultivation in Jharkhand

Pankaj Prasad
Tea cultivation in Jharkhand
Tea cultivation in Jharkhand

The Agriculture Department is exploring the possibilities of tea cultivation in Jharkhand.

The Agriculture Department is exploring the possibilities of tea cultivation in Jharkhand. For the first time a plan has been prepared for this. Appearance will be done in the form of the department at a cost of one crore 80 lakh rupees. This work will be done with the money of the Garden Development Scheme. Earlier, the technical team of National Tea Board had visited several districts of the state to study the possibilities of tea cultivation. In the first phase, the Tea Board has given permission for its cultivation in 60 acres in Jharkhand. Tea will be planted in 35 acres at Raidih and Palkot farms in Gumla. Tea will be planted on 25 acres in the farm located at Demotand in Hazaribagh.

Farmers will get training for 15 days

Under this scheme, 15 days residential training will be given to the selected farmers regarding quality cultivation of tea. In this, tours of other states will also be made. For this Rs 55800 will be spent per person. The training will be conducted by the State Government and the identified establishments of the Government of India. The format of the training has been decided by the Tea Board. To promote tea cultivation and to prepare saplings, nursery will be established. 8.95 lakh will be spent on expert consultation, maintenance and other contingencies.

Director Garden will see the complete plan

The implementation of this scheme will be under the supervision of Director Horticulture, Deputy Director Horticulture, Deputy Director Land Conservation Training Institute Demotand Hazaribagh. At the district level, the Horticulture Officer and the Sub-Divisional Agriculture Officer will implement the scheme. In the first phase, one acre each in Gumla and Hazaribagh will be started in the month of July. Rest of the work will start in the month of October. The plan is to spend Rs 43560 per acre. 26400 rupees per acre will be spent on the siege of the field.

Tea Board has expressed the possibility

The technical team of National Tea Board had visited many areas of Jharkhand a few months back. He has made a written recommendation that some areas of Jharkhand fall close to the Tropic of Cancer. The climate here is favorable for tea production. Apart from Gumla, Hazaribagh, it is also possible in Khunti. The soil here is sloping. Due to this, the possibility of water freezing in tea cultivation is very less. This can lead to the production of tea.