MonkeyPox Bihar: Health Department has issued guidelines regarding monkey pox, know what are the ways to avoid it

Pankaj Prasad

So far no case of monkeypox infection has been reported in the state.

An emergency has been declared by the World Health Organization (WHO) regarding Monkey Pox. After getting it infected in four states of the country, now the Bihar Health Department has also issued an alert regarding it. The Health Department has asked the people to be vigilant and has also sent a detailed guideline to all the districts of the state. The Health Department has said that if any case comes to the fore in any part of the state, then immediately its information should be sent to the Health Headquarters.

Special eye on those returning from foreign travel 

Bihar's Surveillance Officer Dr. Ranjit Kumar said that so far no case of monkeypox infection has been reported in the state. Despite this, in view of the spread of infection in the country, detailed guidelines related to this have been issued to all the districts. It has been said in this instruction that people returning after traveling abroad should be monitored. Mainly such people should be monitored who have returned from abroad in the last 21 days.

symptoms of monkeypox 

All the districts have also been informed about the symptoms of monkeypox. So that if he sees any kind of infection, he can inform the health headquarters about it.

having a headache


swollen lymph nodes

body aches and back pain


feeling tired

blisters on the face and inside the mouth

rash on hands and feet

Instructions to keep patients in isolation 

All the districts of the state have been told that if anyone of monkeypox is found infected, then his contact list should be prepared immediately and patients with symptoms should be kept in isolation. Districts have also been instructed to collect samples of such patients. After collecting the sample, the sample will be sent to Apex Lab Chennai for testing.

ways to avoid monkeypox 

There is a need to contact the doctor as soon as the symptoms of monkeypox are seen.

If there are symptoms of monkeypox like skin rash, then coming in contact with others should be avoided.

Personal things like sheets, towels or clothes should not be used by the person who is showing symptoms of monkeypox.

Keep cleaning your hands frequently with soap or sanitizer.

Stay alone in a room of the house as soon as you see the symptoms of monkeypox.

You also need to keep a distance from your pets.