If unknown girl makes video call, then be careful, friendship on social media can be expensive

Pankaj Prasad
unknown girls video call
unknown girls video call

If an unknown girl or woman befriends you on WhatsApp or video call, then you should be careful.

If an unknown girl or woman befriends you on WhatsApp or video call, then you should be careful. These cyber women force you to do something by making a video call in a few moments, through which your objectionable video reaches them, and then through this video they blackmail you and start extorting big money by trapping you in their net. gives.

Calls have come to more than a dozen people

In fact, more than a dozen people in Bareilly have received calls from cyber women. In this, those who fall in their trap. They are blackmailed by cyber women. But those who are intelligent. He does not fall into their trap. These cyber women make video calls on random numbers.

Know what cyber experts say

Cyber ​​expert SK Rai told that fraudster girls and women first start by writing Hi on WhatsApp. After this, write the fake name and address. Will ask you for name and address too. After engaging in talk for some time, open to open on video call will ask to do something objectionable. After this, a woman starts chatting with the person in front of her in an objectionable position on the video call itself.

Make hunting with screen recording application

Fraudsters record victims chatting with women using screen recording applications. After this, the victims send videos with threats to pay money, otherwise they share their chatting videos on social media platforms.

Due to shame, do not share with family and police

Victims keep getting blackmailed after their objectionable video is made, but due to respect and shame, do not tell anything to family, friends and even the police. In the last few months, the gang of cyber women has become increasingly active in Bareilly, which is cheating people by trapping them in their trap in a very clever way. This includes girls and women. Cyber ​​fraud is happening by using them.

that's how you can be saved

As soon as cyber women's WhatsApp chats come, put the number in the blacklist. The call will not be able to come due to this. Complain to the local police station or cyber crime police station. Even after this, if you are caught in the web of cyber women, then tell the police. Police will take action against the gang of cyber beauties keeping your privacy. Along with this, the objectionable video will also be deleted from social media.