Commonwealth Games 2022: Today Indian players will challenge in many sports including cricket and hockey

Pankaj Prasad
Commonwealth Games 2022
Commonwealth Games 2022

The 22nd Commonwealth Games have got off to a colorful start.

Hockey: Indian women's team will take on Ghana

Birmingham: Putting aside the pain of a poor World Cup performance, the Indian women's hockey team will look to start their campaign with a big margin against Ghana at the Commonwealth Games on Friday. The Indian team is placed in Pool A along with hosts England, Canada, Wales, Ghana, while Australia, South Africa, New Zealand, Scotland and Kenya are in Pool B. Like the men's team, the Indian women's team also returned empty-handed from the last Commonwealth Games held in Gold Coast. England defeated him 6-0 in the bronze medal playoff match. Since the inclusion of women's hockey in 1998, India won the gold medal in Manchester in 2002. Apart from a stellar performance in the Olympics, the Indian team finished third this season making its Pro League debut.

Cricket: Today's match against Australia in the first match

Cricket is returning to the Commonwealth Games after almost 14 years. However, instead of men, women's teams are taking part. India's first match on Friday is against Australia. It will be important for India to win this match. Australia's team is the world champion and the record against India is excellent. Match (08:00 PM)

Swimming: Kushagra Rawat - 400m Freestyle Heat (3:00 PM) Ashish Kumar Singh - 100m Backstroke S9 Heat (3:00 PM) Sajan Prakash - 50m Butterfly Heat (3:00 PM) Shrihari Natraj - 100m Backstroke H (3:00 PM) Kushagra Rawat - (If Qualified) - 400m Freestyle Final (11:30 PM) Ashish Kumar Singh - (If Qualified) - 100m Backstroke S9 Final (Night 11) :30 pm) Sajan Prakash - (if qualified) - 50m butterfly cm (11:30 pm) Srihari Nataraja - (if qualified) - 100m backstroke cm (11:30 pm)

Boxing: Shiv Thapa: Men's 63.5kg, Round 32 (4:30 PM) Sumit Kundu: Men's 75kg, Round 32 (4:30 PM) Rohit Tokas: Men's 67kg, Round 32 (11:00 PM) Ashish Chowdhary: Men's 80kg, Round 32 (11:00 PM)

Gymnastics: Yogeshwar, Satyajit, Saif - Men's Individual & Team Qualifying (1:30 PM) Men's Team Final: (If Qualified) (10:00 PM)

Lawn Balls: Nayanmoni - Women's Singles (1.00 PM), Dinesh, Navneet, Chandan - Men's Triples (1.00 PM) Sunil, Mridul - Men's Pair Round 1 (7.30 PM) Roopa, Tania, Lovely - Women's Four Round 1 ( 7.30 pm)

Squash: Sourav, Ramit, Abhay - Round 64 (4.30 PM) Joshna, Sunaina, Anhat - Round 64 (4.30 PM) Men's Singles : Round 64 (10.30 PM)

Women's Singles: Round 64 (10.30 PM)

Table Tennis: Men's Team - Qualifying Round 1 (2:00 PM) Women's Team - Qualifying Round 1 (2:00 PM) Men's Team - Qualifying Round 2 (8:30 PM) Women's Team - Qualifying Round 2 (Night) 8:30 am)

Track Cycling: Vishwajeet, Naman, Venkappa, Ananth, Dinesh - Men's Team Pursuit Qualification (2:30 PM) Mayuri, Triysha, Shushikala - Women's Team Sprint Qualification (2:30 PM) Rojit, Ronaldo, David, Esso- Men Team Sprint Qualification (2:30 PM) Men's Team Pursuit Final (If Qualified) (8:30 PM) Women's Team Sprint Final (If Qualified) (8:30 PM) Men's Team Sprint Final (If Qualified) ) (8:30 pm)

Triathlon: Adarsh, Vishwanath - Men's Final (3:30 PM) Sanjana, - Women's Final (5:30 PM).

India won the last ODI by 119 runs by Duckworth-Lewis rule

India beat West Indies 3-0 for the first time in their home ODIs