Now the chief will be considered responsible for child marriage in Bihar, this action will be taken

Pankaj Prasad
Child marriage in Bihar
Child marriage in Bihar

The government has taken a new initiative to remove child marriage and dowry system in Bihar.

The Panchayati Raj Department has taken important steps to remove child marriage and the dowry system in Bihar. On receiving the information of child marriage, the membership of the head and ward members of that panchayat can be taken. The department has held the ward member and headman responsible when the matter of child marriage comes to the panchayat. In such a situation, after being an elected member, action will be taken to remove the head from the post for not discharging the duties.

Principal Secretary issued instructions

Mihir Kumar Singh, Principal Secretary, Panchayati Raj Department, has issued instructions to all DMs, all executive officers of Zilla Parishad and District Panchayati Raj Officers. As soon as the information about the possibility of child marriage is received, the ward member and head will reach the house of the family concerned and explain it to the parents and advise them not to do so. If not accepted, the local police station and child marriage prohibition officer will immediately inform the BDO and SDO and will cooperate with them in stopping the marriage.

Under the Bihar Panchayat Raj Act, the head of the village panchayat has been marked as a medium for receiving and forwarding the information of child marriage. SDO and BDO have been marked as Child Marriage Prohibition Officer - Samrat Chaudhary, Minister of Panchayati Raj

will also be honored

Actions or initiatives taken at the level of Mukhiya and other Panchayat representatives on social issues will be included in their overall work evaluation. Such representatives will also be honored by organizing programs at the state and district level. Apart from this, if the matter related to dowry transaction comes to the notice, the District Welfare Officer will be informed about the action taken. Let us inform that in the Bihar Marriage Registration Rules, 2006, the head has been given the responsibility of registering the marriage. It will be mandatory for the Mukhiya and the Panchayat Secretary to register every valid marriage under the Panchayat area. It will be mandatory to include the topic of prevention of child marriage and eradication of dowry in the agenda of every Gram Sabha and Ward Sabha meeting.