Good Luck Jerry movie review: Jhanvi Kapoor shines in this black comedy

Pankaj Prasad
Jhanvi Kapoor
Jhanvi Kapoor

The film begins with the song Zindagi Jhand Ba and through the graphic, the story is extended from Darbhanga to Punjab.

Among the South films and their Hindi remakes, Goodluck Jerry is the Hindi remake of the Tamil film Kolamavu Kokila. The way Bihar and Punjab have been combined in this story of South. He adds a different color to the characters and surroundings of this black comedy film. Which has made the film entertaining as well as entertaining.

Jerry's Adventure World

The film begins with the song Zindagi Jhand Ba and through the graphic, the story is extended from Darbhanga to Punjab. Jerry's parents reach Punjab from Darbhanga along with his younger sister, but troubles and struggles do not leave him in Punjab too, the father's support is definitely left. The responsibility of the house has fallen on Jerry and his mother (Mita Vashisht). Mother is selling momos, while Jerry is working in a massage parlor, but she is making a living due to difficulties. A mountain of trouble breaks out when it is learned that Jerry's mother has lung cancer. She needs 20 lakhs to save her. Jerry necklace is not one of my people. Where can so much money come from in such a short time? This question links her to drug smuggling, she even adds money for her mother's treatment, but when she wants to leave drug trafficking, then the drug mafia turns against her. How Jerry saves himself and his family from this trouble. This is the story of the film.

There is pain in Jerry's world, but anywhere his family does not seem to you poor type, then people associated with the world of drug mafia have been shown as villains, but the way the angle of comedy has been added to them. He makes the story and screenplay of this film interesting. Talking about the flaws, there are some flaws in the script in the second half. The climax of the film remains a bit weak. The way everything goes on the screen. He doesn't seem to be convergent somewhere. How does Jerry do all that alone? This film does not explain this to you anywhere. Some scenes in the film have become too long.

team of fine artists

Goodluck Jerry takes Jhanvi Kapoor up a notch as an actress. She lives her character very well with all the emotions of innocence, fear and cunning. He also has a good hold on Bihari language. Deepak Dobriyal plays the character of a one sided lover in a very interesting way in the film. Whenever he appears on the screen, laughter has spread. Sushant Singh, Jaswant Singh, Sahil Mehta are very solid in their respective roles, while Meetha Vashisht is as good as ever in her role. Rest of the characters also do justice to their roles.

These aspects are also good

Talking about the music of the film, debutant music composer Paras Chhabra along with familiar lyricist Raj Shekhar has made the film's situation and environment interesting. The dialogues of the film have also become good. The ambience of Punjab has been captured well in the cinematography.

see or not see

Take the time to see Jerry's enthralling world full of adventure.