Police chased away BTET candidates who came to surround JDU office, have been performing for 40 days

Pankaj Prasad
Students protesting outside JDU office
Students protesting outside JDU office

BTET pass candidates once again started protesting at JDU office from Friday.

BTET candidates gheraoed JDU office in Patna on Friday. The protesting students sat at the party office gate and started shouting slogans against the government. He had held a post in his hands, in which he had written demands for early restoration from the government. Seeing the large number of students, the police chased them away using mild force. However, the protesting students allege that the police resorted to lathi-charge using force. Some people got hurt in this. It is noteworthy that the BTET-qualified students are angry due to the slow pace of the teacher recruitment process by the government. Their demand is that the government should end the process of restoration as soon as possible, expediting the process.

Students have already gheraoed JDU office

Students have gheraoed the JDU office in the past as well. Last month, BTET pass students had created a lot of ruckus outside the party office. He had demanded that all the qualified candidates of CTET BTET should be recruited at the earliest, although that time also the candidates were chased away by the police. In fact, the students have visited not only the JDU office but also the BJP office many times. However, he has not been heard yet.

Outrage among students due to use of force

After being chased away by the police, there is a huge outrage among the students. Students say that the government is not giving jobs even to BTET pass candidates. Students have been protesting against this for 40 days, but no representative from the government has reached to talk to them. When the students went to the JDU office to express their views, they were not allowed inside. Students say that if the government is serious about the future of the students, then start the process of restoration as soon as possible.