Private employees will soon get the gift of New Wage Code, now work 4 days a week, 3 days rest!

Pankaj Prasad
New wager code
New wager code

The government can soon implement the new labor code for private employees.

The central government is going to implement the new labor code soon for the employed people. However, no fixed date has been announced by the government so far. The central government has also asked all the states to implement the new labor code simultaneously so that those working in the private sector can benefit. But no state government has filed the draft on its behalf so far.

4 days work 3 days rest

According to the new code, private sector employees will now have to work 48 hours a week. That is, instead of 5 days in a week, you will have to work only 4 days. Along with this, due to the implementation of this code, the employees will also get a cut in the take-home salary i.e. in-hand salary. According to the new rule, the government plans to increase the basic salary of any employee to 50 percent or more of his total salary. Explain that if the basic salary of the employees is more, then the amount of PF will increase. According to this rule, the employees will get a large amount at the time of retirement. This will secure their future.

Provision of long leave in the new labor law

The government has also considered making changes regarding holidays. Earlier in private companies, an employee had to work 240 days to work. But in the new labor code, there is a provision of long leave after working for 180 days i.e. 6 months. Apart from this, the employees no longer need to run much for their wages, because according to the new labor wage, the employees will have to pay their wages in full two days before leaving the job, dismissal, retrenchment and resignation.

Waiting for new labor code for 2 years

Let us tell you that the Modi government wanted to implement the new labor code 2 years ago. But due to lack of consensus, the government has not decided on it. At the same time, some changes are also being made in the drafts of the new labor code, due to which there is a delay. If media reports are to be believed, then the government can implement it soon.