Strings of gold and diamond theft worth crores in Jaipur connected with Banka-Bhagalpur, Rajasthan Police raided

Pankaj Prasad
Gold and diamond theft worth crores in Jaipur
Gold and diamond theft worth crores in Jaipur

In Jaipur, gold and diamond theft wires worth Rs.1.25 crore are connecting with Banka and Bhagalpur.

Rajasthan Police reached Banka and Bhagalpur in a gold and diamond theft case worth Rs.1.25 crore from the house of a Seth two years ago in Jaipur, Rajasthan. A gold trader has been arrested for buying stolen gold from Barahat in Banka district. In Bhagalpur, half a dozen goldsmiths have been questioned in connection with the purchase of stolen gold. A gold businessman named Rakesh of Kotwali police station area was brought to Kotwali police station for questioning. He was released after hours of interrogation.

Theft happened before the lockdown

Three police officers who arrived from Rajasthan told the team that two years ago before the lockdown, the gold of a big businessman of Jaipur was stolen from his house. Case was registered. Officials of Rajasthan Police told that the bank account in which the locker was in the bank account of Seth of Jaipur was being shifted to some other place. The management had asked Seth to remove the jewelery from the locker present in the bank. Since Seth was not in Jaipur at that time, he had asked one of his employees from Banka district to take out the jewelery and keep it in the house. By slowly stealing the gold kept in the house, the servant stole it. Meanwhile, the lockdown was imposed and his servant returned to his house and did not return again. When they discovered the jewelery at Seth's house for a wedding ceremony, the jewelery was missing. He called the said servant several times, but every time he kept evasive. In the end, Seth filed a case, In whose investigation it was found that the said servant had robbed his house. When the servant was arrested two years later, he told that he had sold the jewelery to a goldsmith in Barahat. On the basis of that, they reached the said goldsmith at Barahat in Banka on Sunday night and arrested him.

Police raided many places

The goldsmith admitted to buying the stolen jewelery and told that after buying the jewelery he has sold about half a kilo of gold to several gold traders in Bhagalpur for just Rs 4-5 lakh. The Rajasthan Police raided several shops in Bhagalpur and picked up a goldsmith for questioning and brought it to the Kotwali police station. After interrogation, he was released after filling the bond. However, the police has instructed the gold trader of Bhagalpur to be in touch with the police for the next few days and not to leave the district.

Many times in the past also, cases of theft of jewelery have come to the fore in Bhagalpur.

Sonapatti of Bhagalpur in Bihar state has been a safe market for smuggling jewelery for years. Even gold stolen from Bollywood's famous actress Kajol's house in 1998-99 was also spent here. In this regard, Mumbai Police conducted raids in Bhagalpur. The police have raided Bhagalpur several times from places like Bangalore, Rajasthan, Delhi etc. in connection with the theft of gold. The Swarn Mandi of Bhagalpur has been considered a safe life for thieves, robbers and dacoits. At the same time, cases of theft and robbery in the surrounding districts including Bhagalpur have also come to the fore regarding the consumption of gold in the Sonapatti and the arrest of goldsmiths.