Woman throws shoe at former minister Partha Chatterjee while being taken from hospital to ED office

Pankaj Prasad
Woman throws shoe at Partha Chatterjee
Woman throws shoe at Partha Chatterjee

A woman threw a shoe at Partha Chatterjee, an accused in the famous teacher appointment case in West Bengal.

A woman threw a shoe at Partha Chatterjee, an accused in the famous teacher appointment case in West Bengal. A shoe was thrown at him when he was being taken to the ED office from ECI Hospital. The woman who threw a shoe at the former West Bengal minister Partha Chatterjee clearly said that I had come to throw my shoe at him. They have taken money from poor people. I would have been happy if the shoe had hit his head.

was brought to the hospital for medical examination

On Sunday, ED officer Partha Chatterjee and his close aide Arpita Mukherjee were taken to Joka ESI Hospital from the Central Investigation Agency's office at CGO Complex in Salt Lake for medical examination.

plotted against me

While being taken to the hospital, Partha Chatterjee, sitting in a wheelchair, gave a scathing tone to the questions and answers of the journalists and said that there has been a conspiracy against me. However, he did not say whose conspiracy he was a victim of. After about an hour and a half, Parth was brought out on a wheelchair. Even then he was asked whose conspiracy he was talking about? Then Parth said, “Whoever has conspired, they will understand. Look at the party's decision." Asked if the party's decision was correct, Parth replied, "The timing is not right, the investigation may get affected. Time will tell." On the decision taken by the Chief Minister regarding her, Parth said, "Mamata Banerjee's decision is correct." Let us inform that before the arrest, Partha Chatterjee had the Department of Industrial and Parliamentary Affairs. At the same time, he was also handling the education department.

50 crore rupees have been received from two places of Arpita

Let us tell you that there was a scam in teacher recruitment during Partha Chatterjee's education minister, during which investigation of which crores of cash and gold were recovered from the places of his close friend Arpita Mukherjee. Large consignments of notes are being received continuously from different flats of Arpita. So far, about Rs 50 crore and gold ornaments worth more than five crore have been recovered from his two locations. Along with this, arguments of immovable properties worth crores have also been received. At the same time, in the interrogation of ED, Parth is saying that he has nothing to do with that money, but Arpita has confessed that the recovered cash belongs to Parth Chatterjee.