Water will be sprayed to reduce pollution in Patna, anti smog machine will be used

Pankaj Prasad
Reduce pollution in Patna
Reduce pollution in Patna

Anti Smog Gun produces fine water droplets (less than 10 microns).

Like big cities, now anti-smog guns will be used by the municipal corporation to reduce the level of pollution in Patna. Spraying of water with anti-smog guns and showers will help in reducing the pollution level. The Municipal Corporation has procured two machines in the first phase. Its trial was conducted by the Municipal Corporation on Tuesday. To reduce pollution, this machine is being used in cities like Delhi, Jaipur etc.

Absorbs fine dust particles

Anti Smog Gun produces fine water droplets (less than 10 microns). These fine water droplets are spread over a large area through the shower with the help of a high-speed fan. With this, it absorbs the fine dust particles present in the air. Especially the dust particles deposited on the leaves of trees also help in reducing the air pollution caused by spraying water. When the vehicles are moving, the dust particles flying in the air are also sprayed with water to bring them down.

Will sprinkle water up to 180 degrees

This machine, purchased by the Municipal Corporation, will be completely controlled by the driver's cabin. Fan speed is 2200 to 2800, capacity is nine thousand liters of water. It will spray water up to 180 degrees. This anti-smog gun has been specially designed to reduce air pollution by spraying in the atmosphere so that the level of all dust and pollution particles is reduced. Municipal Commissioner Animesh Kumar Parashar said that anti-smog guns will help in reducing the level of pollution. Right now it will be used in different areas of the city with two machines. It has been tested.