Monsoon rains started in Motihari, farmers are left sweating in taking urea

Pankaj Prasad
Urea Crisis
Urea Crisis

A week ago, where farmers were upset due to lack of rain.

For East Champaran, which is lagging behind in paddy planting, the ongoing rain for the last three to four days is proving to be a boon. The faces of the farmers have blossomed. If we look at the figures, there has been 52.46 mm of rain on Tuesday. Looking at the figures for two days, 89.21 mm of rain fell, which is 30 percent of this month's target. The farmers have completed the unfinished field with this rain, but the farmers are making rounds of the shop for urea. Despite this, it is difficult to get fertilizer. Even if you are getting it, then it is hidden in the black market for 500 to 600 rupees. According to the department, the target of paddy cultivation was one lakh 83 thousand hectares, maize 1200 hectares, tur 4800 hectares, urad 615 hectares and moong 1030 hectares, which has been completed.

The problem of urea will be removed, the rack will reach today

In view of the problem of urea, by August 15, four to five rakes of urea fertilizer will reach Bapudham station. According to the department, farmer urea is 1049 tonnes on Wednesday, Nagarjuna urea is likely to reach 1500 tonnes on Thursday. After this, three rakes will come again, which will solve the problems of the farmers. DAO Chandradev Prasad said that an FIR has been registered in Turkaulia for black marketing of fertilizers and two in the churdadans, while three licenses have been canceled in Turkaulia. Apart from this, one license has been suspended and three have been asked for clarification.

Diesel grant will have to be given digital voucher

In the light of the instructions of the government, the process of distributing diesel subsidy has started. Farmers will have to give digital voucher of petrol pump and farmer registration number for grant. There is no need to panic for this grant, the deadline has been fixed till August 30. In such a situation, the farmer should submit his application according to the rules, the department will give grant.