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Within three days in Saran, nine people lost their lives under suspicious circumstances, after Panapur, the incident hap

Pankaj Prasad
Nine people died suspiciously in Saran
Nine people died suspiciously in Saran

Within the last three days, nine lives were lost in suspicious circumstances in Panapur and Maker of Saran district.

Chhapra (Saran). Within the last three days, nine lives were lost in suspicious circumstances in Panapur and Maker of Saran district. According to relatives and villagers, all have died due to drinking suspicious beverages. On Monday night, two people had died and four became ill under suspicious circumstances in Ramdaspur village of Panapur police station area.

Seven people died after drinking the beverage

After this, on Thursday, seven people died in Bhatha village of Makar block after consuming suspicious drinks on Wednesday night. In both the cases, the relatives say that the death was caused by drinking spurious liquor. At the same time, the administrative officer said that the exact cause of death will be revealed after the post-mortem report comes. Here after the incident, the police interrogated many by taking them into custody.

Raids started against liquor smugglers

As soon as the information was received, the DM and SP held a meeting with the senior officials of the district. The DM and SP went to Bhatha of Maker on Wednesday evening and investigated the matter. In this regard, DM Rajesh Meena and SP Santosh Kumar said that the death occurred due to the consumption of suspicious beverages. Police and Excise Police jointly started raids against those manufacturing, selling and storing liquor in the area.

Kamal's daughter said, Papa could not see with his eyes

Kamal Mahato died in Bhatha village of Maker block on Wednesday night. In this regard, daughter Reema Kumari told that the father was vomiting since night. Couldn't sleep due to restlessness. His eyes had stopped seeing. He was saying again and again that darkness was falling before his eyes.

Ongoing action awaiting postmortem report

DM Saran's DM Rajesh Meena said that after the death in Bhatha village of Maker, the medical team is working to provide medical facilities to the suspected sick in every house. Along with this, raids are being conducted against those selling suspicious beverages by instructing the district and excise police. It will be clear only after the post-mortem report comes, how the death took place. Police is doing its job.

Complaints of stomach pain and trouble in the eyes

The doctors of PMCH, who are treating the patients from Chapra, say that everyone has the same problem. Some of them have pain in the stomach, and some have trouble in the eyes. Patients were initially treated in Saran, but after the condition became critical, they were referred to PMCH. All the patients are being treated in the Tata ward of the hospital, whose condition is stated to be critical.

Two died in suspicious condition in Samastipur, Ujiarpur

Here, two youths died under suspicious circumstances in Nazirpur village of Samastipur police station area. Among the dead were the self of the village. Satyam Kumar Jha (38) son of Udayakant Jha and Late. Naveenkant Jha, son of Ramsudin Jha. Both along with other friends had attended a party someplace on August 1 in the joy of selling a bike. After this Satyam and Naveen started vomiting since late night. Satyam died on Wednesday during treatment. Naveen was referred to Patna. After this, late on Wednesday night, he also died in Patna.