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Jharkhand cash scandal: Bengal's CID team will take Anoop Singh's statement, MLA arrested in High Court for ba

Pankaj Prasad
Anoop Singh
Anoop Singh

The Bengal CID has called him to Bengal on August 8 to take his statement.

Ranchi: In the case of three Jharkhand MLAs caught with cash in West Bengal, the Bengal CID team will also take the statement of Congress MLA Anoop Singh. He has lodged a zero FIR in this case at Argora police station. The Bengal CID has called him to Bengal on August 8 to take his statement. In this case, a notice was sent to him by the CID on August 4. But he could not go to Bengal as he was busy during the session.

Three MLAs reached Calcutta High Court for bail:

Three Congress MLAs from Jharkhand Irfan Ansari, Rajesh Kachhap and Naman Vixal Kongadi have moved the Calcutta High Court for bail. The petition filed in the High Court will be heard in a single bench of Justice Tirthankar Ghosh on Monday. At present, the three MLAs are in the custody of the CID.

Demand for speedy hearing for order of CBI inquiry:

The three MLAs have also challenged the order of the single bench in the division bench, in which the single bench had refused to order a CBI inquiry into the matter. The three MLAs have demanded a speedy hearing by applying in the division bench of High Court Chief Justice Prakash Srivastava and Justice Rajarshi Bhardwaj regarding this matter.

Marathon inquiry from Mahendra Agarwal

The CID on Friday also interrogated stock trading businessman Mahendra Agarwal for hours in connection with the arrest of three Congress MLAs of Jharkhand with a hefty amount. CID sources say that in answering many questions, Mahendra Agarwal is refuting his own earlier statement. Meanwhile, in the interrogation on Friday, many new information has been received from Mahendra Agarwal, which is being investigated.