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7-year-old son became Zomato Delivery Boy when father had an accident, celebs extended their helping hand

Pankaj Prasad
7 year old Zomato Delivery Boy
7 year old Zomato Delivery Boy

This kid goes to school during the day and works for Zomato from 6 pm to 11 pm.

7-Year-Old Zomato Delivery Boy Viral Video: A video of a 7-year-old child is going viral on social media. This child works as a Delivery Boy for Zomato. The video claimed that after the father's accident, this child had to leave the house at a young age to earn money to take care of the house.

School during the day, work for Zomato from evening till night

This kid goes to school during the day and works for Zomato from 6 pm to 11 pm. The child has to juggle household expenses at the age of playing and playing. People are getting very emotional after hearing the story of the struggle of an innocent child. People are also surprised to see how the child is doing because it is very young.

great responsibility at a young age

This video of 7-year-old Zomato Delivery Boy has been shared by a user named Rahul Mittal from his Twitter account. More than two lakh 11 thousand people have watched the video so far. It has also got about 4 thousand likes. In the video, Rahul asks the child a question. In response, the child tells that he works along with his studies. He delivers food from door to door by cycle.

need to help

In the video, the boy is seen holding a box of chocolates in his hand. In the caption accompanying the video, Rahul has written that this 7-year-old boy is doing his father's job because his father had an accident. This boy goes to school in the morning and after 6 o'clock he works as a delivery boy for Zomato. We need to inspire this boy's energy and help his father get back on his feet.

Users saluted the spirit of the boy

Users are saluting the spirit of this seven-year-old child. Twitter users have given different reactions to the boy's video. Somebody said that salute to the hard work and dedication of the boy. Someone asked the boy's details for help. Smartphone company Xiaomi's Vice President Manu Kumar Jain has written on it - I almost cried after seeing this video. Such a brave and hardworking kid. Can anyone share its details? He wants to help with his studies. Former cricketer Harbhajan Singh has written – Please share your details of that child in the message.

Violation of labor law!

Some users said that this is a violation of labor law. Rahul Mittal, who posted the video on this, said that Zomato has now banned his father's account. Now this boy is not doing delivery work. Zomato has also helped financially. As soon as the father recovers, his account will be started. Let us tell you that Zomato was tagged in the tweet, on which the contact details of the father were sought by replying from Zomato. But there has been no official response from Zomato on this incident yet.