Tales of two girls from Kolkata: Selection for Karate World Championship, but how they will go?

Pankaj Prasad
Iram Seraj and Umme Ruman
Iram Seraj and Umme Ruman

Two Muslim girls from Kolkata are facing a similar situation.

The Muslim society of India is generally economically backward. Usually, a common Muslim spends his whole life looking for a solution to his problems. But even in these difficult situations, there are some people who want to brighten up the name of themselves and their country by doing some great feat in their life, but poverty becomes the chain of their feet.

Iram has been taking karate training for five years

Two Muslim girls from Kolkata are facing a similar situation. She wants to take the sky in her fist on the strength of her talent, but the financial constraints of the house are not allowing her to do so. One of them is Iram Seraj. She is a resident of Raja Bazar area of ​​Kolkata. Iram, a student of Betul Mal Girls High School, has passed the secondary examination this year. Along with studies, Iram is also fond of karate. Been taking karate training for five years.

Iram has won many gold medals

During this, he has won gold medals in many competitions. Due to his excellent performance, Iram has been selected in the Indian team going to participate in the Karate World Championship-World Meet 2022 to be held in Bangkok, the capital of Thailand next month. Iram and his family are very happy to be selected for the Karate World Championship. But, the question is, how will Iram go to Bangkok to take part in the World Championship?

Karatekars do not get government help

There are total seven people in Iram's house. Parents, two brothers and three sisters. The only earner in the house is his father (father), who works as a notebook maker. A family of seven depends on the income of just one man. Iram's parents are barely maintaining their family. It is difficult even for them to take their children to Digha. With this much earning, it is almost impossible for him to bear the expenses of sending his daughter to take part in the World Championship. Since full contact karate is not recognized in the Olympics, such competitions do not get any kind of government support. As a result, those participating in such competitions have to bear their own expenses.

Iram is sure that if she enters the ring, she will win gold

The news of Iram's selection in the World Championship has spread throughout the Raja Bazaar. This news has reached his school as well. Everyone is also congratulating Iram, but not a single hand has come forward to help. Iram is preparing tremendously for the World Championship. She is very sure that if she enters the ring at the World Championship, she will win the gold medal and bring laurels to her country, but the question is, how will Iram go to Bangkok?

It is difficult to survive the family

Similar is the story of Umme Ruman. Umme Ruman, a student of Momin High School, has also been selected for the Karate World Championship. Umme Ruman, a resident of Raja Bazar, won the gold medal in the national karate competition held in Kolkata on 26 January this year. The home situation of Umme Ruman is similar to that of Iram Seraj. There are a total of 7 people in his house too. Walid Mohammed Ibrahim sells clothes on the sidewalk. The car of the house moves with great difficulty.

sure to win gold

Umm Ruman also wants to show something. He too has full confidence in his talent and training. She is sure that she will definitely win a gold medal for the country in the World Championships, but she does not know whether she will be able to go to Bangkok to participate in the World Championships, as her father's income is not enough to support Umme Ruman's Bangkok. Can afford to travel. In our society, there is a lot of talk about educating and promoting girls, but when such opportunities arise, no one comes forward to help.

Umm and Iram appeal to Mamta Banerjee

Umme Ruman and Iram Seraj say that West Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee is doing a lot of work for the development of girls. We also want to illuminate the name of our state and country. I want to win gold medal for my country. In such a situation, we ask Mamata didi, her government and her party to help us fulfill our dream. We want to illuminate the name of our Bengal and our country in the whole world. We request everyone to help us in fulfilling our mission.

Karate World Championships to be held in Bangkok on 20th September

Let us tell you that the Karate World Championship - World Meet 2022 will be held in Bangkok next month on 20 September. It is organized by the World Mixed Martial Arts Council (UK). Martial arts masters from all over the world will participate in this competition. A 32-member team from India will take part in the World Championship, in which 6 are girls. The Indian team will leave for Bangkok on 18 September to take part in the World Championship. But, Umm and Iram do not understand that despite working so hard, they will be deprived of getting gold medal for the country only due to lack of money.