Second Hand Car: If you want to buy a second hand car then keep these things in mind

Amit Kumar Jha
Second Hand Car for sale
Second Hand Car for sale

Having a four wheeler has become more of a necessity than a luxury these days. This makes it very convenient to go out and about with the family.

Having a four wheeler has become more of a necessity than a luxury these days. This makes it very convenient to go out and about with the family. One, unnecessary taxi fares are saved, on the other hand protection is also provided from cold, rain or strong sun. This is the reason why even a normal middle class person aspires to buy a simple car. It is not necessary for everyone to have a new car. So a second hand car can be a good option. You also become the owner of a four wheeler at a low cost and also save. Nowadays many big brands and companies are selling their second hand four wheelers. Also, many online platforms are also available for buying and selling used cars. You can buy or sell your favorite car here. If you are going to buy a second hand four wheeler for the first time, then the question is bound to come in your mind. The question is how to choose the best car?Know some such points which should be kept in mind while buying a second hand car. These will help you in making the right choice. 

Benefit deal is a used car

second hand car or car fulfills your four wheel desire at an affordable price, it also has an advantage that you can recover its full cost only after driving a few years. After this, if you want, you can also buy a new car or change the car again. The trend of people towards second hand or used cars has increased rapidly in the last few years as this segment offers good vehicles and a comfortable ride for the whole family. Not only this, youth going to college, new job people or people who are learning to drive a hobby car are also buying second hand cars in large numbers. It gives them the feeling of having their own car, that too in least EMI or loan. On the other hand there is also a section which is fond of changing the car almost every one or two years. Because of this also good second hand vehicles are available in the market. 

Take care of these things,

it is necessary to take care

 The first thing is authenticity and trust. Try to take the car from a used car service of a big brand. This will minimize the chances of you being cheated or damaged and you will not have to run to other places for maintenance or servicing of the vehicle. The second best option is to buy an acquaintance's car. Such a person whom you see driving the same car every day and you can check the condition of the vehicle in every way. If you are buying a car from any platform online, then you need to be very careful. Always check whether the profile and description of the person selling the vehicle match. For example, a person tells you that he is a businessman and is selling an old car to get a new car, then after asking him his full business, address etc., go there and see the car. If you think the person isn't talking about themselves as they are, be on the alert immediately. 

Do not take the risk 

if someone is calling you to a place where there is less movement or that place is far away from your home, to show or sell the car, then avoid it. Invite her to a place that is close to the destination of both of you and is not completely deserted. Do take someone or the other with you. In the last few years, there have been many such cases where people were called to a secluded place to buy or sell a vehicle and after damaging them, the robbers took away the vehicle. Therefore, do not take the risk of completely trusting anyone's words. If that person is giving a good car at unimaginable prices, then be even more cautious. 

good knowledgeable 

The best option is to take a mechanic you know with you. No one will get a better opinion than him in the choice of vehicle. He will be able to tell you all the technical details clearly. Even if you can't get to a familiar mechanic, get someone who is knowledgeable about the matter and can guide you. Especially if this is your first car. Before buying a car, you must also collect basic information about it. This will also help you to understand technical things and also in decision making. Also remember here that with whomever you are taking with you, check the entire vehicle thoroughly. This includes all the electrical connections from the paint to the wheels and interior to the inside. Also check the Engine Number and VIN Number (Vehicle Identification Number) to see if they are the same everywhere. Also check all filters carefully. 

Read the documents carefully

Documents are the important part which can make your vehicle from good to bad in a jiffy. Without the original document, your vehicle can not only prove to be illegal but you can also get into a big problem. Therefore, after looking at everything from car insurance to registration, finalize the deal. Always ask for original documents, not soft copies. If there is any confusion, the opinion of an expert can also be taken. If any person refuses to give documents, asks to give them later or talks about keeping a soft copy, then refuse completely. 

Test Drive and Checking Drive

the vehicle properly and check its brakes, clutch, gears, horn, etc. everything. Test drive is the best way to know the performance of the vehicle. It is very important to start the vehicle, accelerate after using the clutch gear and move smoothly without stopping. Also note that the vehicle is not making any kind of sound or is it stuck somewhere while moving or is there any jerks etc. in it. Try driving the vehicle at a speed of 40-50 in places with little or no traffic. This will give you an understanding of the condition of the car. 

Also keep these things in mind 

 All the necessary documents related to taking the loan should be completely clear 

The process of transfer of registration certificate is complete and it should be documented 

Insurance policy should be transferred in your name after the sale of the vehicle
In the name of the vehicle or its owner To verify if any old loan is not running, for this check Form 32 and 35

Original bill of the vehicle, keys and no objection certificate from the finance company
Take the service book of the vehicle also
If the vehicle is bi-fuel ie two If it is running on any type of fuel, then also take its certificate and PUC
No claim bonus must be transferred as well.