The people of the locality were shocked by Mohsin's terrorist connection

Pankaj Prasad
Mohsin Ahmed
Mohsin Ahmed

There is silence in the New Colony located at ITI Women's College, Digha.

There is silence in the New Colony located at ITI Women's College, Digha. The reason is that the connection of a student of this locality has been linked to a terrorist organization in Delhi. In fact, 23-year-old student Mohsin Ahmed has been arrested by the NIA from the Japanese street located at Batla House in Delhi. It is alleged that he has connection with ISI. As soon as this news came in the media on Sunday, the people of the locality were stunned.

Recently came home on Bakrid

The local and distant relatives started calling the family members to get information. Local people told that I have been watching Mohsin since childhood. Recently came home in Bakrid. When the college opened, he left. It is surprising to find Mohsin's terrorist connection. Its consistency has never been like this. He must have been the victim of some conspiracy. The rest is now a matter of investigation.

Uncle said - Batla House infamous place, he was implicated

Mohsin's uncle Naseem Ahmed told that preparations for the marriage of Mohsin's sister are going on in the house. He came home in Bakrid and invited friends for his sister's wedding. During the conversation, more people of the locality gathered. The uncle told that the whole family is in a lot of shock after the incident. Mohsin is at number three among three sisters and one brother.

this incident is shocking

How can a student interested in studies from the beginning come in connection with a terrorist organization in just three months. This incident is shocking. The place from where Mohsin has been arrested by the NIA team is Batla House and it has been a notorious place since the beginning.

NIA team will come to Patna to interrogate family members

According to the information received, a team of NIA is going to come to Patna to investigate. Can also interrogate other people including family members. According to sources, Mohsin was picked up by the NIA team from Batla House three to four days ago. On August 6, a case was registered against Mohsin after he got a connection with the ISI terrorist organization. The source said that many such information has been received from the mobile, in which terrorist connections have come to the fore. Now the family will also be questioned in Patna to investigate the matter to the bottom.

Father and other family members leave for Delhi

Uncle Naseem Ahmed told that Mohsin's father is a mechanical engineer in the railways. At present he is posted in Patratu, Jharkhand. As soon as the news was received, the family members from Patna have left for Delhi. At the same time, the father also left for Delhi from Patratu. The people of the locality are also stunned as soon as they get this news. No one can believe that Mohsin has a connection with a terrorist organization. The people of the locality told that IASIPS officers live in this locality. Mohsin's entire family is here for three generations.