Aggressive Chinese army increased maneuvers on Taiwan border, Biden said - China will not move forward from this

Amit Kumar Jha
China Taiwan
China Taiwan

China has turned down all appeals to defuse tensions and has given no indication of when it will lift the blockade.

China's aggressive attitude towards Taiwan is not taking the name of calm. He is constantly conducting maneuvers on the Taiwan border. China said on Monday it was expanding strong military exercises around Taiwan. This action of China has disrupted shipping and air traffic. It has also raised concerns about escalating conflict in a region important to global trade. According to social media posts by the eastern leadership of the People's Liberation Army, the military wing of China's ruling Communist Party, the exercise will include anti-submarine drills targeting US aid to Taiwan in the event of a possible Chinese invasion. 

At the same time, US President Joe Biden said – I am not worried, but I am concerned that they are progressing as much as they want. But I don't think they're going to do much more than that.  

China Rejects All Calls for Peace The 

Chinese military has said its military exercises involving missile strikes, movement of warplanes and ships crossing the midline of the Taiwan Strait are a response to US House Speaker Nancy Pelosi's visit to Taiwan last week . China has turned down all appeals to defuse tensions and has given no indication as to when it will lift the blockade. 

Taiwan's Defense Ministry said on Sunday that it had detected a total of 66 aircraft and 14 warships conducting naval and aerial exercises. Taiwan has responded by putting its military on alert and deploying ships, aircraft and other military equipment to monitor Chinese aircraft, ships and drones. 

Meanwhile, Taiwan's official Central News Agency reported that Taiwan's military will conduct live-fire artillery exercises in southern Pingtung County on Tuesday and Thursday in response to Chinese exercises. Citing an unnamed source, the report said that the exercise would involve snipers, combat vehicles, armored vehicles as well as attack helicopters.

China's aggressive attitude continues 

CCP and it's chairman Xi Jinping's aggressive attitude towards Taiwan continues. The PLA has increased naval deployment to siege Taiwan, as well as fired ballistic missiles and rockets into the sea near the Taiwan border. 

It is being told that at least four ballistic missiles have been fired while passing over northern Taiwan. Earlier, the Chinese army did not even issue any kind of warning. A Taiwanese citizen told news agency NI that China has never been so aggressive before, he is worried about it. Once they (China) tasted the blood that's what the meat tastes like. Everyone was worried. Night and day on TV channels are showing the same issue. But the life of common citizens is progressing as before.