FBI raids former US President Donald Trump's house

Pankaj Prasad
FBI raids Donald Trumps house
FBI raids Donald Trumps house

Former US President Donald Trump said that FBI officers have raided and seized the Mar a Lago located on Palm Beach.

Big news is coming about former US President Donald Trump. According to the information, the FBI has raided the Mar a Lago resort in Florida of former US President Donald Trump. A statement has been issued by Donald Trump himself in this regard. He said that FBI officers have raided and seized Mar a Lago, located on Palm Beach.

According to the news, this raid of the FBI has been done in search of official papers of the President, which were brought to Florida after Trump left the White House.

The guerrilla team also broke the safe

Former President Trump said that I had not received any notice of the raid. Guerrilla team has also broken my safe. Trump has said that this action of the FBI has been done because of the politics of revenge. This is a bad time for America. No former President has been treated like this in America. After helping and cooperating with the concerned investigative agencies, my house has been raided without giving any information which is not correct from anywhere.

where is donald trump

According to the news, the action has been taken when US President Trump was not present. According to the news of the New York Times, Trump's close friends told that this action has been taken without any notice. According to reports, Trump was not present in the house during the raid. He is currently in New Jersey.

What did Donald Trump say on the action

The reaction of former US President Donald Trump has come about the raid. He has said that what is being done is an attack by radical Democrats, who are desperately trying to stop me from contesting the 2024 election. In view of the last elections, they are trying to put obstacles in this especially. He will do whatever he can to stop Republicans and Conservatives in the upcoming midterm elections.