World Tribal Day 2022: Tribal life style and nature love example for mankind

Pankaj Prasad
World Tribal Day
World Tribal Day

Tribal communities worship all the components of nature - trees, plants, earth, sun, rivers and mountains.

World Indigenous Day is celebrated on 9 August. The term Scheduled Tribe has been used for the tribals in the Indian Constitution. Tribals are basically nature lovers. This human society, which grows in the calm and still lap of nature, has its own characteristics. The identity of this community is reflected in their culture, their language and their festivals.

Worship the components of nature

Tribal communities worship and worship all the components of nature - trees, plants, earth, sun, rivers and mountains. They are very close to the water-forest and consider the holy earth as their mother. Their main occupation is mostly related to agriculture. They consider the water-forest as their protector, so they protect it. They worship certain specific trees and plants and therefore they do not cut it. They teach that if we protect nature, they will also protect us. They get many of their basic facilities from the forests. Most of the things they need are made of wood. These people are deeply connected with nature at the social and cultural level.

Worship to save nature in folk songs

According to every season, they have a heritage of folk songs. They believe that nature is pleased with the dance, music and melody of ragas according to the weather, the rains are good. Their crop yields well and they get power. There is an awareness of the environment and a lively attachment to nature. They have a rich wealth of songs and dances in which there is talk of preserving nature. In his songs, there is also a mention of animals and birds, forest and land. They consider it like their family. The expression of their aspirations, gaiety is easily reflected through dances and folk songs.

Brotherhood is seen in festivals

Their festivals are also associated with nature. Their festivals are not complete without their loved ones. They celebrate the festival of mingling and dance to the tune of hand-holding instruments without any discrimination. His songs also have a different sweetness because they worship nature. The tribals do not celebrate any festival for a day, the reason for this is that after the day of the main festival, these people go to their close ones and celebrate the festival. This tradition is going on and it is being followed. Changes have been seen in this with time, but even today these traditions and the spirit of brotherhood are alive in remote areas.