Nitish Kumar handed over the letter of support of the MLAs to the Governor, BJP said - Cheated with the public

Pankaj Prasad
Nitish Kumar
Nitish Kumar

On the resignation of Nitish Kumar, BJP held a press conference at the party office in Patna.

Bihar BJP-JDU: A big political development came to the fore in Bihar when Nitish Kumar submitted his resignation to the Governor. At around 4 pm, Nitish reached to meet Governor Fagu Chauhan and submitted his resignation. Here, after the resignation of Nitish, BJP held a press conference in the party office in Patna. During this, BJP state president Sanjay Jaiswal said that this is an insult to the people of Bihar. The public has been cheated. This great people of Bihar will never forgive.

Nitish Kumar handed over the letter of support of the MLAs to the Governor

CM Nitish Kumar said that we have left NDA, all MPs and MLAs were ready to leave NDA. We took this decision after talking to him. He also told that now a new government will be formed with RJD. He has claimed the support of 160 MLAs. During this, the Chief Minister told that the Governor has accepted his resignation.

CM Nitish reached Rabri residence after leaving Raj Bhavan

When Nitish came out of the Raj Bhavan after resigning to Governor Fagu Chauhan, he also said some things. He said that we were in NDA and now I have resigned from the post of Chief Minister of NDA. Along with this, he also talked about forming the government with RJD. After this Nitish Kumar has directly reached Rabri residence.

'BJP betrayed us, tried to break the party'

Earlier, in a meeting with JDU MLAs, Nitish Kumar said that BJP betrayed us, always humiliated us. He tried to break the party. Along with this, information about breaking the alliance with BJP was also given to the MLAs. At the same time, JDU MLAs said on the whole incident that they are with Nitish Kumar. Whatever decision they take, JDU MLAs will be with them.