Kishore can become a leader of one party opposition in Bihar assembly, such a situation has not come in three decades

Pankaj Prasad
Tarkishore Prasad
Tarkishore Prasad

Five parties of the state will be together in the new government to be formed on Wednesday.

Patna. Perhaps for the first time in the history of the Legislative Assembly, such a situation has come when only one party will sit in the opposition. Five parties of the state will be together in the new government to be formed on Wednesday. The BJP has remained the only party with 77 MLAs in the opposition. Former Deputy Chief Minister Tarkishore Prasad can be made the leader of the opposition.

Such a situation did not come in three decadesΒ 

In the 242-member Bihar assembly, all the elected members except the BJP will be members of the ruling party. There has never been such a situation in the last three decades when there was only one party in the opposition. When Lalu Prasad became the Chief Minister of Bihar in 1990, even at that time other parties other than Congress were part of the opposition. Dr. Jagannath Mishra became the Leader of the Opposition.

No party ever sat alone in opposition

Members of the BJP and Samata Party were members of the opposition in 1995. Yashwant Sinha was the Leader of the Opposition for a few days. In 2000, members of the BJP and the Left were part of the opposition. Sushil Kumar Modi was made the Leader of the Opposition for the first time. In 2005, RJD, Left and Congress sat in opposition. Former CM Rabri Devi became the Leader of the Opposition.

the mandate was betrayed

Meanwhile, Tarkishore Prasad said that today's incident is a betrayal of the mandate obtained in the 2020 general elections and an insult to the voters of Bihar. If Bihar is pushed again towards Jungle Raj, the public will teach a definite lesson. Earlier, BJP state president Dr. Sanjay Jaiswal said that whatever happened is a betrayal with the people of Bihar and with the BJP. This is in violation of the mandate given by the people. The people of Bihar will not tolerate this at all.

everything that happened is a hoax

In a press conference organized in the presence of several former ministers of BJP quota, including former Bihar Deputy Chief Minister Tarkishore Prasad, the BJP state president said that in the 2020 Bihar Assembly elections, all of us had contested under the NDA alliance. The majority and mandate was given by the people to JDU and BJP. We managed to win 74 seats, despite what PM and Home Minister Amit Shah had promised, we made Nitish Kumar the chief minister of the NDA alliance, following that promise. Whatever has happened today is a hoax.