Congress MLA cash scandal: Bengal CID raids Irfan's residence in Ranchi, around Rs 6 lakh seized

Pankaj Prasad
Congress MLA cash scandal
Congress MLA cash scandal

In the cash case found with three Congress MLAs, the Bengal CID team has raided the residence of suspended Congress MLA Dr. Irfan Ansari in Ranchi.

Congress MLA Cash Case: On July 30, in West Bengal, five people including Jamtara MLA Irfan Ansari, Khijri MLA Rajesh Kachhap and Kolebira MLA Naman Vixon Kongadi were caught with Rs 49 lakh. In this case, on Tuesday, the Bengal CID team raided the residence of MLA Irfan Ansari located in Sector 2, Ranchi. In the raid, Rs 5.70 lakh was recovered from the residence. At the same time, a Scorpio standing in the house was also confiscated by the team.

Scorpio used during the incident recovered from Ranchi

The CID team will interrogate Irfan Ansari in relation to the recovered money. The CID came to know that the recovered Scorpio was used during the incident. During the cash scandal in Bengal, the CCTV footage of Scorpio coming to Ranchi's residence was found by the CID team. The team is taking information whether the money was already in the house or someone had reached the MLA residence from Scorpio.

Raid on second day at Rajesh Kachhap's residence

The Bengal CID team also raided the residence of MLA Rajesh Kachhap in Sector-2 on the second day. During the raid on Monday, the key to Rajesh Kachhap's room was not found by the CID. Because of this the search could not be completed. The CID team on Tuesday called Rajesh Kachhap's wife and searched all the rooms after asking for the keys. During this, every room was searched for about three hours. However, no cash or evidence related to the incident was found from the residence. After the raid, the CID team left from there.

Bengal CID team is conducting raids since Monday

Let us inform that on Monday, the Bengal CID team had raided the residence of MLA Dr. Irfan Ansari in Jamtara. During this, many documents were scrutinized. On the same day, the CID team also raided the residence of Congress MLA Rajesh Kachhap from Khijri in Ranchi.