As soon as the government is formed, the no-confidence motion against the Speaker of the Assembly

Pankaj Prasad
Bihar Vidhan Sabha Speaker Vijay Kumar Sinha
Bihar Vidhan Sabha Speaker Vijay Kumar Sinha

The floor test will be held in the House on August 24.

With the formation of the Grand Alliance government, the initiative to remove the Speaker of the Bihar Legislative Assembly, Vijay Kumar Sinha, started. On the proposal of RJD MLA Lalit Kumar Yadav to remove the present Speaker of Bihar Vidhan Sabha, Vijay Kumar Sinha from the post of Speaker, a jointly signed letter of the members of the Grand Alliance parties has been handed over to the Assembly Secretary on Wednesday. Here, according to the information that is coming, there will be a floor test in the house on August 24. In the new government of Bihar, a special session of the Bihar Legislative Assembly will be held on August 24 and 25.

Rule 110 of the Business Conduct Manual

In the letter, the members of the Grand Alliance have demanded that under Rule 110 of the Rules of Procedure and Conduct of Business in the Bihar Legislative Assembly, on August 10, 2022, the present Speaker did not have the confidence of the Bihar Legislative Assembly. More than 50 members of the Grand Alliance parties have signed this no-confidence motion. Under Rule 110 of the Rules of Conduct of Business of Bihar Legislative Assembly, 14 days prior notice will be given to remove the Speaker from the post. Under this, the date of the possible session has been fixed on August 24. In the meantime, if the president automatically leaves the post, then the new president will be elected.

This is the rule of no confidence motion

The notice given 14 days ago will be read out in the house. At least 38 members will stand in its favor. If fewer than this number of members stand, the motion will be rejected. According to the rules, after the no-confidence motion is received, the Speaker will not sit on the chair for the proceedings of the House. The proceedings of the House will be conducted under the chairmanship of the Deputy Speaker.