90 percent flight tickets booked from Delhi to Deoghar, know how many days advance booking is going on

Pankaj Prasad
Deoghar Airport
Deoghar Airport

After the Shravani Mela, Sparsh Puja is going to start at the Jyotirling of Baba Baidyanath Temple in Bhado Mela.

After the Shravani fair, the desire to worship Baba is increasing among the devotees across the country with the beginning of Sparsh Puja at Baba Baijnath Temple in Bhado Mela. This is the reason that 90 seats of Delhi to Deoghar Up Down flight are full for the next 15 days. IndiGo has 180 seater up down flights from Delhi to Deoghar every day. In the Shravani Mela, initially the seats in the Delhi flight were full, but after three-four days there was a slight decrease in the number of passengers.

Out of 180 seats, only 160 seats were being reserved. As soon as Sparsh Puja is going to start in Jyotirling of Baba Baidyanath Temple in Bhado Mela after Shravani Mela, in view of this, the desire of devotees to come to Deoghar has increased. Delhi to Deoghar and Deoghar back Delhi seats are being told to book up to 90 percent for the next 15 days. There is a reserve of 165 to 170 in a total of 180 seats. Along with this, in view of the high demand, the fare of Deoghar to Delhi Up Down flight has also increased till the next 20 August.

But from August 24, the fare has come down again. From August 24, the fare for New Delhi is Rs 4000 per passenger. It is said that by the last week of August, Indigo's Delhi flight will take off from Delhi in the morning and will reach Deoghar airport by 9:00 am. During this, the passengers will return to Delhi at 4:00 pm after worshiping in a day. Deoghar to Kolkata Up Down flight from Deoghar Airport is also getting blown up every day with the inauguration.

After the flight of Kolkata was full initially, 80 to 90 percent of the passengers were going for a few days, but now the number of passengers is flowering. In this flight of total 78 seater, the seats are fully blown during the last 1 week. According to Indigo, 90 percent on 12 August, 85 percent on 13 August, 90 percent on 14 August, 90 percent on 15 August, 80 percent on 16 August, 88 percent on 17 August, 90 percent on 18 August are full.