After 12 hours of duty, we get raw roti and water like lentils, weeping video of constable goes viral

Pankaj Prasad
Soldier complaining about food
Soldier complaining about food

The video of this incident is becoming quite viral on social media.

In Firozabad, Uttar Pradesh, a soldier came on the road in uniform, complaining about the food being not good in the mess located on the police line. Taking roti dal rice in the plate of food in his hands, the soldier told the quality of the food. He said, pulses like water are available, no officer is ready to listen. The video regarding the matter has also gone viral. In front of everyone, the soldier wept and told the real story of the food he got in the mess.

According to the information, Manoj Kumar of Aligarh is a constable in Firozabad Police Lines. On Wednesday, his video went viral in which he is showing the pulse kept in a plate. Expressing anger about Paninuma dal. Apart from this, the rotis were shown how to eat these raw rotis. He said that if this food is available after giving duty for eight hours, then how will health be better.

The video of this incident is becoming quite viral on social media. According to the information, Manoj had reached his senior officers complaining about not getting good food in the mess, the soldier on the road narrated his past weeping. He told that the food being prepared in the mess is very bad. Pulses like water are being prepared and even roti is not fit to eat.

On the other hand, Firozabad Police has said that in the complaint related to the quality of food of the mess, the CO City is investigating the quality of the food. It is noteworthy that 15 punishments related to habitual indiscipline, absenteeism and negligence have been given to the said complainant constable in the last years.