'The party will give space by speaking against me..', Nitish Kumar attacked Sushil Modi

Pankaj Prasad
Nitish kumar and Sushil Modi
Nitish kumar and Sushil Modi

After the political upheaval in Bihar, now JDU and BJP have become face to face.

After the political upheaval in Bihar, now JDU and BJP have become face to face. When Nitish Kumar went with the Grand Alliance and became the Chief Minister once again, BJP MP Sushil Modi attacked him with many allegations. Sushil Modi alleged that Nitish Kumar wanted to become the Vice President. But when the BJP did not do this, it is possible that due to that it parted from the NDA. At the same time, now Chief Minister Nitish Kumar has hit back at Sushil Modi.

Controversy about wanting to be Vice President or President

Nitish Kumar said on the controversy about wanting to become the Vice President or the President that all these things are useless. Without naming Sushil Modi, CM Nitish said that those who are speaking have not been made anything. They speak so much against me that they get a place again.

Nitish Kumar targets Sushil Modi

Nitish Kumar, while attacking, targeted Sushil Modi in a gesture and said that the party has given any place? If they have any dream, then let them speak to fulfill it. Let them find a place. We have nothing to say.

Allegations on BJP

Nitish Kumar said that I did not want to become the Chief Minister. But the kind of work done by these people (BJP) is not right. Thrust was made to defeat our candidates. Most of the people in our party had absolutely no desire. Today we have come again from where we left and will run the government well.