Ranchi-Delhi airline of Air India will be closed from August 20, know what is the reason

Pankaj Prasad
Air India flight of Delhi Ranchi Delhi
Air India flight of Delhi Ranchi Delhi

Air India flight of Delhi-Ranchi-Delhi will not fly from 20th August.

From August 20, the Delhi-Ranchi-Delhi service of Air India is being stopped. There is currently no information about when the service of this aircraft will start again. No written information has reached Birsa Munda Airport Manager regarding this ticket booking will not be done till December. AI 417 from Delhi to Ranchi and AI 418 from Ranchi to Delhi are among the oldest aircraft. Experts say that this aircraft can probably be used for foreign service. For this reason it has been closed for the time being.

Many planes reached Ranchi late, many route diverted

Here, the incessant rain also affected the airlines. Go Airways' Delhi-Ranchi flight took off from Delhi at 11.59 am on Thursday instead of 11.15 am, but was diverted to Varanasi due to bad weather. This bothered the passengers. At the same time, the Go Airways flight (G-8 146) from Ranchi to Delhi was delayed by two hours and 58 minutes.

Delhi-Ranchi Air India flight too late by two and a half hours

Delhi-Ranchi Air India flight also reached Ranchi at 2.22 pm instead of 12.50 of the day. This plane kept flying in the air for a long time. This plane took off for Delhi with a delay of 2:29 hours. 6-E 2094 Ranchi-Delhi Indigo flight was delayed by 33 minutes. At the same time, IndiGo's 6-E 253 Chennai-Ranchi flight was diverted to Kolkata after half an hour detour in Ranchi. This plane had stopped in Kolkata till late evening. The time of arrival of this aircraft from Chennai to Ranchi was at two o'clock in the day. At the same time, this plane flying from Ranchi to Chennai flew at 6.13 am instead of 2.30 of the day. I-5 710 Delhi-Ranchi Air Asia flight arrived at 12.35 am instead of 11.50 pm. After that there was a technical fault in it. Due to this the plane flew late by three hours and 19 minutes. Eye Five 59 Delhi-Ranchi flight also arrived late by 21 minutes.

Information is not getting updated in the airport, passengers upset

Aircraft updates are not being given to the passengers in the airport. Passengers are worried about this. Information was being shown on the information board about the landing of planes of many places including Delhi, while after a long time the plane landed in Ranchi, similarly Six E 597 was being shown that this flight has arrived at 2.30 am. Whereas this plane was converted at that time and went to Kolkata.

Air India to start 24 additional flights

Air India said on Thursday that it will operate 24 additional domestic flights from August 20. Of the additional 24 flights, two will be from Delhi to Mumbai, Bengaluru and Ahmedabad and from Mumbai to Chennai and Hyderabad. Apart from this, new flights will also be started on Mumbai-Bengaluru, Ahmedabad-Pune route. This is the first major expansion of flights after the Tata Group took control of Air India.

New flight will benefit passengers in festive season

According to Air India, people will benefit from these new flights during the festive season. Air India MD and CEO Campbell Wilson said that we have been working closely with our partners for the last six months to bring the planes back into service.