Urfi Javed Topless Video: Urfi Javed Topless! The video raised the temperature of the Internet, did you see?

Pankaj Prasad
Urfi Javed
Urfi Javed

The fashion sense of Bigg Boss OTT fame aka Javed is quite different. Urfi is looking very bold in this.

Urfi Javed Topless video: By the way, every look of fashion sensation Urfi Javed becomes a topic of discussion. But this time this look of Big Boss OTT Urfi is creating panic on the internet. The topless video of the actress has surfaced, in which her bold style will blow your senses again. Urfi has shared a picture, in which she is sitting in front of the mirror.

Urfi Javed bold video

Urfi Javed has shared his bold video in Wired Dress. In the video, the actress is seen flaunting a bold look. She has hidden some clothes over her body and is completely topless. She has paired this look with a skirt. The latest look has created a ruckus on social media. He has tied his hair and is wearing a nosepin.

Urfi Javed photo

Urfi Javed has also posted BTS picture. In this, she is seen taking a mirror selfie. Covering her front part, Urfi is clicking a photo. She is seen hiding her curves with her hands. Many makeup products are seen in front of them. She is looking very hot in this.

Users made these comments

Along with praising this look of Urfi Javed, some users are trolling him. A media user wrote, Hot look. Another user wrote, Oops. Another user wrote, nothing is ahead of you. One wrote, what did you wear again? One Insta user wrote, don't wear such clothes.

Chahat Khanna and Urfi Javed

Recently Chahat Khanna and Urfi Javed criticized her fashion statement. After which a cold war was seen between the two on social media. Chahat had said a lot about her yellow dress look. After which Urfi gave a befitting reply and said that at least I do not buy followers! I went there getting ready for an interview, which you have nothing to do with. You are just jealous that even after giving money to the paparazzi, they are not covering you.