Police Innova will leave the house if the car breaks down on the way, the excuse of the police will not work when the ca

Rachna Kumari
Haryana CM Manohar Lal
Haryana CM Manohar Lal

ADGP AS Chawla said that the shortcomings of Dial-112 are going to be removed. Police's Innova will drop the house if the vehicle breaks down on the way.

Haryana government is going to make Dial-112 more effective by making major changes. The work of adding new features to the scheme has started, they will be implemented by the end of this year. The trial will run from September-October. There will be no need to panic if the car breaks down on the way, call on Dial-112, Innova of the police will drop you till the house. 

There will be no excuse for police station, district boundary or jurisdiction when the call is received. ADGP Modernization of Police Department and IT AS Chawla is working on it. Dial-112 vehicles will not be able to run on the highway at a speed of more than 70 without any call. 

Only after chasing criminals, anti-social elements will be allowed to walk at the speed of hundred. The alarm will start sounding in the vehicles when the speed is unnecessarily 100. This message will come in the speaker in the vehicle that why are you running so fast without any work.

The complete record of the vehicles running at indiscriminate speed will also go to the Chief Minister's Office after being recorded at the project headquarters. Action will also be taken against the staff who repeatedly disobey the orders. If the vehicle is parked at one place for a long time, then there will be an alert for patrolling. Every call has to be on the spot, even if the complaint is mischievous. 
Knowing will punish those who do bad intentions: Chawla
ADGP AS Chawla said that the shortcomings of Dial-112 are going to be removed. Home Minister Anil Vij and the state government have been informed about the new changes. Along with removing the shortcomings, the person doing bad intentions knowingly will also be punished. 

97 percent complaints are correct, only 3 percent complaints have been found mischievous so far. Now the government is also going to make provision of punishment for the mischief-maker. The staff posted on the vehicles are clearly instructed to interact properly with the complainant. Since, there are complaints about adding too much salt to the lentils.

Why was the need of dial-112

Most of the calls were not picked up on the number - 100 when the phone was picked
up - the tone of the conversation was not right
arriving late at the scene
out of bounds, the excuse of not being a police station area

Record of reaching all complaints 

Dial-112 vehicles have a 100 percent track record of reaching the place as soon as the call is received. On reaching the spot, it is seen whether the complaint is of domestic nature or the matter is criminal. Based on that the next action is taken. Trains reach the spot in 10-15 minutes in the city and 20 to 30 minutes in the villages.