Liquor will now be free in Bihar, former minister told the plan of the Grand Alliance government regarding prohibition

Pankaj Prasad
BJP leader Ramsurat Rai
BJP leader Ramsurat Rai

Former Bihar minister and BJP leader Ramsurat Rai attacked the new government of the Grand Alliance during the Har Ghar Tiranga program.

Former Bihar minister and BJP leader Ramsurat Rai has once again taken a dig at the government of the Grand Alliance. BJP leaders were seen attacking Nitish Kumar during the Har Ghar Tiranga program, he also targeted the prohibition of alcohol. Ramsurat Rai said that Nitish Kumar's prohibition law will be in force for a few days only after the new government comes to power in Bihar. Now when alcohol becomes free, the government will forget even the promise of giving 10 lakh jobs.

Youth in Bihar are happy about two things 

Since the formation of the new government in Bihar, the political agitation is increasing continuously. In this sequence, now former minister Ramsurat Rai has targeted Nitish Kumar and Tejashwi Yadav. Ramsurat Rai was participating in the 'Har Ghar Tiranga' program, during which he said that the youth of Bihar are getting happy about two things after the arrival of Tejashwi Yadav. He says that now alcohol will be free and will get a job.

Tejashwi is misleading the public - Ramsurat Rai 

The former minister said that the issue of alcohol seems right. It will be free but what will happen to the job? Tejashwi Yadav got people's vote by promising to give 10 lakh jobs and now he is backing it. He is saying that now I have become the Deputy Chief Minister. He is a 60 percent shareholder in the government. By saying all this, they just want to mislead the public.

Sushil Modi was also the attacker 

Earlier, BJP leader Sushil Kumar Modi had said that Nitish Kumar has not been made the Vice President, so he broke the alliance. Now Sushil Modi has given three reasons for breaking the alliance. There is a lot of anger in JDU regarding this statement. However, now Sushil Modi, while speaking on the reasons behind the NDA's exit from the alliance in Bihar, gave three main reasons.