Happiness turned into sorrow, death of 3 children of same family, CM Hemant Soren expressed grief

Pankaj Prasad
3 children of same family died
3 children of same family died

In the Kanke police station area of ​​Ranchi, three people of the same family died after being hit by an 11 thousand volt wire.

Three people of the same family, living near Bodeya Rice Mill in Kanke police station area of ​​Ranchi, died after being hit by 11 thousand volt wire. The incident happened around 7 pm on Sunday. Vineet Jha (23 years), Pooja Kumari (25 years) father Shiv Kumar Jha and Aarti Kumari (26 years) father Vijay Jha have died in this incident. The family of both Shiv Kumar Jha and Vijay Jha lived jointly in the same house. CM Hemant Soren has condoled the death. He has tweeted and said that God give peace to the departed souls and give strength to the bereaved family to bear this critical time of grief.

Death of three from same family

The relatives told that the tricolor was installed in a steel rod on the roof of the house. The wind was blowing with rain in the evening, due to which the flag was bowed. Vineet had gone to straighten the rod of the same flag. The flag got stuck due to a gust of wind in the grip of an 11 thousand volt wire that passed through a distance of six inches from the roof. Due to which he got caught in the current. Pooja and Aarti standing nearby also got caught in the current in order to save him. Vineet died on the spot. Pooja and Aarti were seriously injured. Both the sisters were brought to the nearby Kanke General Hospital, where doctors declared them brought dead. The cat who was nearby at the time of the incident also died due to electrocution.

Complaint was made to the electricity department to remove the wire

Family members told that Pooja Kumari was selected in State Bank of India. He had to join within a week. When the team of electricity department and Kanke police reached the spot to remove Vineet's body, then angry Shiv Kumar Jha refused to remove the body from the terrace. He said that till the DC and the Chief Minister do not come, they will not allow the dead body to be lifted. Till around 10 pm, the family members were not allowing the body to be removed from the terrace even after the request of the Kanke police station in-charge and the surrounding villagers. Aarti's father Vijay Jha told that when the house was built. There was no electric wire there at that time. About a year ago, an 11 thousand volt wire was installed in our street. This wire has passed only 6 inches from the roof of my house. In this regard, Vijay Jha had lodged a complaint with the Electricity Department several times, but the wire was not removed.