76th Independence Day: Resolve to make a developed India with five vows, PM took picture of next 25 years

Pankaj Prasad
PM Narendra Modi
PM Narendra Modi

Prime Minister Narendra Modi specially invoked five vows from the Red Fort on the 76th anniversary of independence.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi specially invoked five vows from the Red Fort on the 76th anniversary of independence. He first expressed his resolve to make a 'developed India' in the form of a vow and called upon the countrymen to dedicate their lives for this.

PM Modi said, 'Today I call on 130 crore people from the Red Fort that for the coming 25 years, we have to focus our resolutions on five vows. We will have to take up the responsibility of fulfilling all the dreams of freedom lovers in 2047, when we will have 100 years of independence with regard to Pancha Prana. First vow - Now the country should go with a big resolution. You have to walk with a lot of determination. 

The PM also presented a blueprint for the next 25 years in front of 130 crore people of the country, terming these five vows as the life force of the country. Along with taking the country on the path of rapid development, he emphasized on change in mindset and unity and solidarity. 

The PM mentioned five vows in his speech. These are-

Developed India
freedom from slavery
proud of heritage
unity and solidarity
 duty of citizens

Pledge to make a developed India and end slavery 

The PM said that the first and biggest resolution is a developed India. The second vow is not to let a single piece of slavery remain in our mind in any corner. If there is any slavery, then it should not be allowed to escape under any circumstances. The slavery of hundreds of years that has held us down, we will have to get rid of it. 

'If the dreams are big, then the effort is big'

In his address from the ramparts of the Red Fort, PM Modi said that after so many decades of independence, the attitude of the whole world towards India has changed. The world has started finding solutions to the problems on the soil of India. This change in the world, this change in the thinking of the world is the result of our journey of 75 years. Referring to the third vow, the PM said, 'We should be proud of our heritage. This legacy which once gave the golden age of India. We should be proud of this heritage. Calling for the fourth vow 'unity and solidarity', PM Modi said, 'Unity among 130 crore countrymen. Neither his own nor any alien. The power of unity is our fourth pledge for the dreams of Ek Bharat Shreshtha Bharat. Similarly, in the form of the fifth vow, he called 'Duty of the citizens'. mentioned. He said that the citizens also include the PM and the CM. To fulfill the dreams of the coming 25 years is a huge pranashakti. When dreams get bigger. When the thoughts are big, the effort is also very big.