The stars explained the meaning of freedom, sense of responsibility, help of others and cleanliness

S Choudhury
Independence Day 2022
Independence Day 2022

Best wishes to you too on this great festival of independence and also request you to take full care of its dignity while waving the tricolor.

This year we are celebrating the great festival of independence i.e. our 75th Independence Day. The 'Ghar Ghar Tiranga' campaign is going on across the country. The Uttar Pradesh government has also announced to set a record of four and a half crore hoisting of the tricolor in the state. Here in Mumbai too, the 'Ghar Ghar Tiranga' campaign is being seen everywhere. Along the roads, on the roofs of houses and in front of shops, the tricolor is waving with its pride. best wishes to you too on this great festival of independence and also request you to take full care of its dignity while waving the tricolor. On this occasion, we tried to know from some stars of Hindi cinema that what is the meaning of freedom for them?

The country made a record of development :  Amitabh Bachchan

'What India has achieved in these 75 years of independence is an example. The country has made progress in every field. Be it economic progress or in any other field. If you look at the rest of the countries of the world which have got independence for 75 years and see what India has achieved in these 75 years, then you will know what is the position of India? This success is the best feeling of this moment. In these 75 years, India has measured the sky of progress.

Freedom Means Responsibility :  Deepika Chikhaliya , who became famous in the country by playing the role of Sita in Ramanand Sagar's 'Ramayana', says, 'Being a citizen of India it is necessary that you become a good citizen. How to become a good person, a good student, if you are doing any business, how will you do that business. I think that whatever responsibility you have in every field, do not misuse it, but fulfill your responsibility, this will be true freedom for me.  

Celebrate the great festival of freedom by helping others: Sonu Sood 

Sonu Sood became the messiah of the poor by helping people during Kovid, he helps people even today. He says, 'Celebrate this great festival of freedom by helping people according to your ability, don't wait to become a big man and money. You can help people in whatever position you are in. For me, the festival of independence is not a day in a year, but every day.   

The real  'freedom' is 

yet to come: Palak Muchhal, who has been serving the people for the last 22 years, says, 'We have got freedom in many areas, but in some are yet to be achieved. I look forward to the day when we will be free from caste discrimination, corruption, orthodox thoughts, atrocities on women, hunger and disease. I look forward to the day when we will be completely free.' 

Swachh Bharat Hi Freedom Ka Mahaparva: Drishti Dhami Drishti Dhami

, who has worked in many small screen serials, says, 'Azadi means clean India for me. Even today people are not understanding their responsibility. This is your country, just as you keep your house clean, in the same way keep your surroundings clean and become responsible citizens of the country.

Azad was the one who belonged to power: Rajendra Gupta 

Actor Rajendra Gupta says. 'Many Indians live in Hindustan. Everyone has their own problems. Azad has been the same people, who belong to power. The common man was never free, he just tries to breathe to stay alive. 

Get the freedom to live according to your own way: Govind Namdev 

Govind Namdev says, 'If we talk about the meaning of freedom, then every person should have the freedom to live his life according to his own accord. He got this guarantee from the government. He should get such facilities so that he can give a meaning to his life according to his own. If I am getting such facilities, by which I can give meaning to my life and lead a purposeful life, then this is the true meaning of freedom for me. 

Freedom means respect for Mother India: Vivek Sharma 

Director Vivek Sharma says about the meaning of freedom, 'Freedom for me means respect for Mother India. Desh love, respect for the land of Vedas and Gods and the resolve of a united India. India stood in the interest of all as a Vishwaguru. May India always be united like a family, this is the real meaning of freedom.