Nupur Sharma Case: Al Qaeda said - bring Nupur to the dock, intelligence agencies were alert

Pankaj Prasad
Nupur Sharma
Nupur Sharma

Concerns of Indian intelligence agencies have increased regarding the security of the former BJP spokesperson.

Nupur Sharma Case: Global terrorist organization Al Qaeda has encouraged Indian Muslims to bring Nupur Sharma to justice for alleged blasphemy, raising concerns of Indian intelligence agencies over the security of the former BJP spokesperson. Let us inform that Nupur Sharma is in the headlines these days for her alleged controversial remarks against Prophet Muhammad.

Call for revenge in al-Qaeda mouthpiece

Al Qaeda has called for revenge in its latest issue, detailing blasphemy by Nupur Sharma in its mouthpiece for the Nawa-e-Ghawa-e-Hind. Along with this, an appeal to Muslims to arm themselves has also been marked. It has been said that Indian Muslims take part in the nearest jihad to the enemy and Kashmir to a defensive jihad. Here, after the attack on Salman Rushdie in America, intelligence agencies in India have become concerned about the security of Nupur Sharma.

This statement was issued by an al-Qaeda spokesperson in June

Earlier, Al Qaeda (AQIS), based in the Indian subcontinent, issued a statement in June through one of its spokespersons. In this, there was talk of taking revenge for Nupur's statement on Prophet Mohammad. Al Qaeda's spokesperson, present in the Indian subcontinent, had said in his statement that they were ready to blow themselves up in Delhi, Gujarat, Uttar Pradesh and Mumbai to avenge Nupur Sharma's statement on the prophet. Not only this, it was also said that if we cannot protect the honor of Prophet Muhammad, we will be destroyed. This video was posted as a question by AQIS chief Asim Umar, who belongs to Sambhal district of Uttar Pradesh. In this he asked if there is anyone who can lay down her life for the honor of Prophet Muhammad?