Rajnath Singh handed over many weapons to the army, know everything about F-Insas and Nipun here

Pankaj Prasad
Defense Minister Rajnath Singh
Defense Minister Rajnath Singh

Defense Minister Rajnath Singh handed over several indigenous weapons to the army on Tuesday.

Indian Army: Amidst increasing challenges on Indian borders, Union Defense Minister Rajnath Singh handed over many indigenous weapons to the army on Tuesday. These include AK-203 and F-INSAS rifles as well as the new Anti-Personnel Mine Nipun. New weapons have been developed by EEL and other Indian companies. On this occasion, the Chief Engineer of the Indian Army, Lieutenant General Harpal Singh, on behalf of the Army Chief, has assured the country that we are ready to deal with any threat.

Demonstration of the capability of Landing Craft Assault deployed in Pangong Lake

Lt Gen Harpal Singh said that the Government of India has taken several policy decisions to help promote indigenization in the defense sector. He said this on the occasion of the induction of many new weapons in the army. These weapons include mines, weapons of face-to-face combat, infantry combat vehicles. At the same time, on this occasion, Defense Minister Rajnath Singh was briefed about the new weapon systems of the Indian Army's Futuristic Infantry Soldier in a System (F-Insas) and AK-203 assault rifles and weapons. The Indian Army today demonstrated to Defense Minister Rajnath Singh the capability of Landing Craft Assault deployed in Pangong Lake, located on the border with China.

Learn about Nipun

Let us tell you that for a long time the Indian Army was using NMM 14 Mines. However, now ARDE and Indian companies have jointly created a new anti-personal landmine. Whose name is Nipun. This anti-personal mine will provide protection from infiltration along the borders.

Features of AK 203 Assault Rifle

India's INSAS rifle is now being replaced with AK-203. It is much lighter, smaller and hi-tech than INSAS. The length of AK-203 is 705mm. This is a very dangerous gun. The same range is up to 800 meters and the magazine holds up to 30 rounds. It can be used both automatic and semi-automatic. It is being told that AK 203 can be fired at 600 bullets per minute.


Equipped with modern weapons, bulletproof jackets and equipment, the Indian Army personnel will have a multi-mode hand grenade. Also a multi purpose knife. Their shoes will protect them from landmines. Helmets and bulletproof jackets made under the Second Sub Protection System are much stronger and lighter. There are many modular pouches in these, in which grenades, magazines, radio sets and other items can be kept. There will be communication and surveillance system in the third sub system. Every soldier will have a radio set. Which will be hands free. The section commander will carry a separate communication-surveillance device. So that you can stay in touch with your team in real time.