India-Pakistan nuclear war can kill 2 billion people, these study figures will blow the senses

Amit Kumar Jha
Latest Study on Nuclear War
Latest Study on Nuclear War

Recently an international study was conducted under the leadership of scientists of Rutgers University. This study, published in the journal Nature Food, states that if a nuclear war starts between Russia and America and India and Pakistan, then what will be its effect.

Latest Study on Nuclear War: The war between Russia and Ukraine has been going on for 7 months, while there is a possibility of war between China and Taiwan. Both these crises have divided the whole world into two dharnas. In such a situation, many times the situation seems to be like world war and nuclear attack. When the war with Ukraine started, Russia even threatened it with nuclear attack on the intervention of America. On the other hand, China is also nuclear-rich and because of Taiwan, it is also fighting with America. In such a situation, if two superpowers collide here, then the threat of nuclear attack will remain. In Asia itself, there are India and Pakistan, between whom the threat of atomic war remains. Amidst these dangers, a study led by scientists from Rutgers University has revealed a big deal. It has been told in this study that if there is a nuclear war between Russia and America and India and Pakistan, then what will be the situation.Β  Β Β 

If Russia and America clash, three-fourths of the world's population may die

According to the study published in the journal Nature Food, if less than 3% of the global nuclear stockpile is used in war, then in two years a third of the world's population could die. Researchers have told that, if a nuclear war happens between Russia and the United States, three-quarters of the world's population could die in the same time frame. Apart from this, more than 5 billion people will die of hunger.

The picture of India and Pakistan is more intimidating

According to this study, a nuclear war between India and Pakistan can last for less than a week and in this 5 to 12.5 crore people can be killed. Nuclear war between India and Pakistan can have an impact on the whole world. Because of this, the food supply can have a devastating effect on the whole world and the death toll from starvation can increase on a large scale all over the earth. In fact, the researchers calculated the impact of nuclear conflicts of various sizes on the food production of the US, Russia, Pakistan and India, in addition to the loss of life.

India and Pakistan nuclear war can have an impact on the world tooΒ 

Not only this, three to four years after nuclear war, global food, animal and fish production may decline by 90 percent. This will increase hunger. Let us tell you that 30 years after the end of the Cold War, the possibility of nuclear war has become more than ever. UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres also warned that "the possibility of a nuclear conflict, once unimaginable, is now back in the realm of possibility." The researchers predicted that the detonation of even a small fraction of the world's nuclear weapons would produce large firearms that would rapidly inject sun-blocking soot into the sky, causing a sudden cooling of the climate.