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The scary look of 'Guddu Bhaiya' surfaced from Mirzapur 3, the condition of 'Kaleen Bhaiya' will be

Amit Kumar Jha
Mirzapur Season 3 Update
Mirzapur Season 3 Update

Mirzapur Season 3: A big update is coming out regarding the web series 'Mirzapur'. Recently the look of Guddu Bhaiya has come to the fore.

Mirzapur Season 3 Update: Fans are eagerly waiting for the third season of 'Mirzapur', one of the most favorite web series in the country and now a big update is coming out about it. Yes, recently a big update related to 'Mirzapur' (Mirzapur Season 3) is coming out on social media, knowing that there has been a smile on the faces of the fans. Recently, the release date of this series was revealed, it is believed that this web series will be streamed only on Amazon Prime in 2023. However, till now no official announcement has been made by Amazon Prime about this.

Mirzapur's update came out

New updates are constantly coming out about 'Mirzapur'. So far two seasons 2 of this series have come, now the makers are preparing for the third season. Recently, a picture also went viral in which Ali Fazal aka Guddu Bhaiya is seen wrestling. This picture of him became very viral. Now 'Mirzapur' Season 3 actor Ali has shared a big update related to the series with the fans from his social media handle. After knowing this, the fans waiting for 'Mirzapur 3' will jump with joy.

Ali's look

Ali Fazal is in discussion these days about the web series 'Mirzapur 3'. Ali keeps sharing updates related to this series with his Instagram handle. A few days ago he shared a picture while wrestling, now Ali Fazal has shared a photo of his look related to 'Mirzapur' season 3. In this picture, Ali Fazal is seen wearing a black hoodie. In this picture, the names of many characters of 'Mirzapur' series including Kaleen Bhaiya are written. It is written below it, 'Mirzapur 3' is coming soon. This picture of Ali Fazal is becoming very viral on social media. The fans are looking very happy after this picture surfaced.